TVS Registers 18 Percent Decline in January 2022 Sales

TVS sales January 2022 – Numbers do not show a very positive picture but that is a trend across the segment. Buyers are still elusive…

TVS Motor shared its monthly sales numbers for the month of January 2022 and like others it is not showing a very rosy picture.

Gross Sales of two and three-wheelers for both domestic and exports dropped by 13.14% in January 2022 in comparison to 2021. 

In January 2022, the gross domestic and export sales equaled 2,66,788 units in comparison to 3,07,149 units in January 2021.

TVS SalesJanuary 2022January 2021% Change
Gross Total (2w+3w)2,66,7883,07,149-13.14%
tvs sales january 2022

TVS Sales January 2022:

Motorcycles – 

Motorcycle sales were in the green, but just barely. The Chennai based maker sold 1,37,360 units in the first month of this year, compared to 1,36,790 units in last January – up by marginal 0.42 percent.

When compared month-over-month, motorcycle sales dropped by 1.95%, down from 1,40,097 units sold in December 2021. 

Scooters –

Scooter sales saw a big drop of 18.04%, and were down to 80,580 units against 98,319 units of January 2021.  

Month-over-month, there is a sigh of relief however. Scooter sales showed 7.41% growth and were up from 75,022 units sold in December 2021. 

Mopeds – 

Other than motorcycles and scooters, TVS is also involved in sales of mopeds like their XL 100.

The moped sales were down significantly. Year-over-year moped sales dropped by 39.15% with 36,199 units sold in January 2022. In January 2021, TVS registered sales of 59,487 units.

MoM, the drop in sales is 15.31%, down from 42,744 units in December 2021. 

Exports – 

The two-wheeler exports declined to 86,344 units, down 3.40% from 89,380 units in January 2021. 

Monthly comparison of two-wheeler exports is in the green. The exports were up by 5.40%, an increase from 81,923 units of December 2021.

tvs sales january 2022

TVS Sales January 2022 – Summary

TVS SalesJanuary 2022January 2021% Change
2w Domestic1,67,7952,06,216-18.23%
2w Exports86,34489,380-3.40%
2w Total2,54,1392,94,596-13.73%

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Three-wheelers –

YoY, the domestic sales of three-wheelers were up while the exports were down. 

In January 2022, the domestic sales stood at 1,135 units, up 12.71% from 1,007 units, while the exports were down by 0.28%. 

MoM, the domestic sales were up by a significant 50.73%, up from 753 units, while the exports were down by 18.21%.

TVS SalesJanuary 2022January 2021% Change
3w Domestic1,1351,007+12.71%
3w Exports11,51411,546-0.28%
3w Total12,64912,553+0.76%