TVS Sales February 2022 – Motorcycles & Exports Do Better Numbers

TVS sales February 2022 – all MoM numbers in green, but YoY sales have fallen. Motorcycles & exports have shown a ray of hope…

For TVS Motors, the sales numbers are in for the month of February 2022 and it is showing a mix of positive and negative trends. 

The company has registered Gross Sales of 281,714 units in February 2022 against 297,747 units in February 2021. This is a drop of 5.38% in Gross numbers. 

TVS Sales February 2022


Motorcycles – The motorcycles sales stood at 1,43,523 units in February 2022, a growth of 4.56% compared to 1,37,259 units of February 2021. 

Scooters – The scooter sales stood at 86,616 units, a drop of 9.33% compared to 95,535 units in February 2021. 

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Mopeds – Mopeds registered 37,486 unit sales in February 2022. It is a decline of 27.63% compared to 51,797 units sold in the same month of previous year. 

This totals to Domestic Sales of 1,73,198 units for February 2022 – a drop of 11.25% compared to 1,95,145 units of February 2021. 

However, Exports of two-wheelers grew by 5.58%, expanding from 89,436 units in previous year to 94,427 units in February 2022. 

tvs sales february 2022


TVS racked up good numbers compared to previous month’s sales – all MoM numbers are green.

Motorcycles – Compared to sales of January 2022, the motorcycles grew by 4.49%, up from 1,37,360 units. 

Scooters –  The scooter sales grew MoM by 7.49%, expanded to 86,616 units in last month. 

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Mopeds – Following the trend, mopeds too grew by 3.56%, up from 36,199 units sold previously. 

Overall, Domestic Sales grew by 3.22% MoM. 

Exports also saw an expansion by 9.36%, swelling from 86,344 units of Jan 2021.  

tvs sales february 2022