TVS RTR 160 FI Reveiw by Mithlesh

Hi readers, I am Mithlesh Kumar, 42, from Mumbai. Its an auto expert’s job to present a bike’s review, they are paid for it, but no one pays for criticizing.

Therefore instead of browsing through the rosy reviews & buying tips of so called auto experts to buy my dream bike did the following…

  • I prepared a small checklist (enclosed) which highlights what’s in vogue, what’s passé in today’s bike market.
  • Took a test ride.

My checklist permitted me to go for Yamaha R15 & Apache RTR FI 160. After test riding  both I opted for RTR FI because RTR FI was more suitable & practical for actual city/suburb driving condition. RTR FI is muscular & bigger & truly value for money bike. It was launched in 2008 and even today in 2010 if I compare it with recently launched bikes of any manufacturer I find it’s far ahead in its category.

I am having wonderful experience with my Apache RTR FI 160.It’s an all rounder, tough & powerful street sports bike, fully loaded with almost all modern features.

It scores high on:

  • Power.
  • Handling.
  • Stability.
  • Built quality.
  • Style.
  • Exhaust firing.

It Scores low on: Smoothness. 🙁

The best part of this bike is its quick acceleration which is well supported by equally quick turning & braking. Furthermore this bike stays well planted on road all the time & therefore it is much safer bike to drive & maneuver. It is also capable of 3-4 second pause before coming to full halt therefore eliminates frequent use of feet for balancing.

The owner’s manual in short has described this bike as ‘A PERFORMANCE BIKE ’. As an owner & user ‘I ACKNOWLEDGE & ENDORSE IT’.

Mithlesh Kumar