TVS motors, one of the decent bike producers, are bringing their new Rockz to India. One may see TVS rockz on Indian roads soon, as the company wishes to launch it as soon as possible. It was revealed that the bike had a dream run in Indonesia and now TVS is bringing to India.

TVS Rockz is not exactly a bike but a mid segment of moped and a motorcycle, that ways one may call it as a hybrid of the two. It is also somewhat weirdly looking bike with hap hazard shape and body.

Whatever it is, TVS has rolled over their eye balls over the Indian market and have decided to bring their Rockz to India.

The design of the bike may not appeal to most of the people because it looks like a moped and a motorcycle at the same time, this is what TVS failed. Overall, if you look at the bike it has got attractive color, body and variations. As far as features are concerned, Rockz has got a 125cc engine (pretty decent),4- stroke, SOHC and pretty much powerful.

Prior reports of the motorcycle cum moped reveal that, it can generate efficient power of 9.88 Bhp at 7500 rpm. Also, the bike can deliver a torque of 9Nm at 5500 rpm. TVS rockz has a maximum speed of 108 Km (pretty decent for a bike like this) and a five spoke alloy wheels. Also, the bike has wider tires that helps one maintain stability and balance (must for Indian roads). The bike comes with highly spacious under seat storage wherein you can store helmets and other stuff. The design is not much to talk about. To be precise the design looks odd and not so happening- definitely not muscular. It will probably come with a price tag of 60,000 INR.

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  1. Tvs rocks may not be a hit i mean who are going to buy this product for a price tag of Rs.60,000 if you have an extra money of RS.8,000 you can surely go for a unicorn or gs150r this is a big risky move by tvs

  2. “because it looks like a moped and a motorcycle at the same time”

    correction. its purely a moped. and its price in indonesia is 60k rupees equivalent. it will obviously be a lot cheaper in india. i’m sure tvs are not stupid enough to price this bike close to the 150cc segment

  3. Bike’s design is not too odd, frankly speaking – the bike looks good. If the bike is small, then it will be easy to cut through the city traffic. But as Fas said pricing is a primary thing.

  4. The “Weird look” is in your eyes, not in everyone’s or the bike’s. These types of step-throughs are very comfortable and convenient to ride like scooters and much safer and more stable than scooters, thanks to much larger wheels and telescopic forks. These are sold in large numbers in other countries. Honda Street failed due its inferior looks, features and performance. Whereas, this is a modern bike with GOOD looks, a lot of features like MP3 player and performance. Please try one before you comment like this. For me, it looks very nice and I have been waiting for a long time for a bike of this kind.

  5. I think if they can market it effectively enough to the ladies, we may see a new segment rising on its own..

    I mean, lot of my girl friends complain over the lack of a bike-like moped. They’re bored with the same choices like Scooty, Pleasure etc..

  6. its very risky for tvs due to its price.. with addition of some amount one can buy a good vehicle instead of riding a moped like a like a moped…. think twice business magnets…


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