TVS Phoenix 125cc Ownership Review by Sudarshan

I am Sudharshan Devarajan from Chennai. This is my ownership review of TVS Phoenix 125cc. I am an I.T professional working in Chennai for the past 4 years. Transportation has become very essential these days and we have various modes available. Even though many people prefer public transport, I felt a bit uncomfortable to commute using public transport as it always has rush, frequent traffic jams and less frequencies of buses in some areas. Finally, I realized the importance of having a two-wheeler for commuting.

TVS Phoenix 125cc

From then on, my bike hunt started. I had an idea of getting my dream bike that falls under either 150C.C or 125C.C that has decent power and fuel efficiency. Started searching in internet and shortlisted these machines:

(1) HONDA CB UNICORN:- Same age old machine, excellent smoothness and engine reliability, adequate power and decent mileage, mono shocks which everybody likes. However, in my opinion it won’t be as effective as a conventional dual shocks and that too not good especially for roads that we have in Chennai. Also, it doesn’t have modern instrument clusters.

(2) HONDA UNICORN DAZZLER:– Same Unicorn with more stylish looks with electric start alone. Starting the bike may be questionable if battery is down.

(3) SUZUKI GS150R:- Excellent 150C.C machine similar to Unicorn with great engine reliability and performance. Although it doesn’t have a good initial pickup like that of Pulsar and Apache, its really good post 60kmph mark. VFM product.

(4) YAMAHA SS125 GLADIATOR:– Very good 125C.C bike with good power and fuel efficiency(around 50-55 kmpl in normal city riding). But, I didn’t like the open chain as it may be corroded easily. Therefore, maintenaance is an issue. Again, a VFM product.

(5) HONDA CB SHINE:– Same old 125C.C till date without any improvements from the time it was introduced.

I was confused in choosing my dream bike, went to many showrooms and collected pamplets, quotations and other opinions. Later, I came across “TVS PHOENIX” in internet and noticed the test ride review posted. I saw some good reviews given by the reviewer and it was really impressive.

Went to TVS showroom, and booked in advance as there was no availability. After a week, got a call from showroom that a Phoenix bike has arrived. I had a test ride and from my observations, I found that it has a comfortable seating position and excellent shocks. Also, I could notice that the plastic parts are of good quality.

Immediately I decided to get one soon. Later, made the full payment and bike was delivered in a week.


  • Easy handling
  • Comfortable seating(for pillion as well)
  • Engine is very much refined and silent
  • Very good pick up
  • Eco thrust engine for better efficiency
  • Hazard lamps(which is usually seen in cars)
  • Service and low battery reminders


TVS has quoted that it can deliver 67 kmpl(under standard test conditions). In my opinion, this 125 C.C mill lives upto the above statement. As per my driving style, it delivered 63 kmpl in pure city riding in Chennai(of course, it depends upon traffic conditions). In a mixed combination of riding in city and highways, it delivered 66 kmpl which is excellent in this category. So, if we ride properly, it has got the caliber to deliver atleast 60 kmpl.


While riding, I could feel very negligible vibrations at times (However, this is too early to comment on this as the engine parts would not have been set in properly. Therefore, only after riding certain kilometers I could reveal this information) So anyone who is looking out for a 125 C.C bike with decent power and fuel efficiency, this is the best pick.

Sudharshan Devarajan