TVS MAX 4R – TVS Launches 110cc Utility Motorcycle!

After feeding the commuter class with plethora of choices, TVS turns attention to the rural utilitarian market with the TVS MAX 4R. The company has relaunched their ‘MAX’ brand which was once famous for 2 stroke motorcycles which was stopped a few years back due to more stringent pollution norms and a curb on 2 strokers from the government.

This time MAX comes in a 4 stroke avatar with a single cylinder air cooled 110cc engine. Lets dig beneath:

Further Details:

  • Engine: The bike sports the same 109.7cc engine from Jive which produces maximum power output of 8.4bhp with a handsome torque output of 8.3 Nm
  • Detachable Rear Seat: The rear seat here serves two purposes. One, it carries the regular pillion; two, it is detachable to perform the task of a carrier or a hook to a host of things like vegetables/fruits, milk cans and other raw materials etc
  • Shock Absorbers: Max 4R comes with regular Telescopic suspension at the front. However, as against the dual shockers on our regular bikes, this bike becomes the first Indian motorcycle to sport four shock absorbers at the rear two on either side. This type of a configuration is kept to enhance as much of load carrying capability as it can. Surprisingly, TVS claims this bike to a payload capability of 200 heavy kilograms!
  • Better Brakes: MAX 4R comes with a bigger brake setup of 130mm to boost the braking capabilities of the bike.
  • Durability: This bike also comes equipped with specially reinforced spokes, wheel & indicator guards, and lesser fiber parts to augment durability as much as possible.
  • Stability: It also has been endowed with a longer wheelbase and wider 3.0 inch rear tire to ensure better grip on the muddy Indian roads in the rural parts of the country. Max 4R also comes with an ‘Easy Center’ stand to facilitate easy operation of the stand even if the motorcycle is loaded with heavy stuff.
  • Price: The bike has been priced at an ex showroom price of Rs 37,590 in Indore, MP which would translate into an on road price of roughly in the range of Rs 40-41,000 which makes it one very VFM (Value For Money) quotient.

TVS has been aggressively studying the Indian market very closely. Jive was an outcome of a study on the fuss factor created by the usage of Clutch in ‘stop-go’ busy traffic and hence, they dispensed off the clutch and the acceptance of the same innovation has been quite remarkable. Similar to Jive’s project, TVS started a research on the Indian rural market around one and a half year ago to study the usage and pattern of people who use two wheelers as a means of transportation of their raw materials from one place to another.

TVS found out that these local rural traders, small time businessmen and other vendors have been devoid of a motorcycle which could cater to their needs of carrying heavy loads of material to places where it can get consumed (which, in some cases, are real far). And hence was born a ‘specifically made’ motorcycle ‘MAX 4R’ which is manufactured for a purpose to fulfill all the requirements of the above type of mentioned people. TVS has been testing Max 4R extensively in the interiors of Madhya Pradesh around Indore to testify the bike of its capabilities and identify of any deficiencies. For the same purpose, TVS asked a few chosen heavy load carriers to ride MAX 4R for a particular duration and ascertain the various positives and negatives about the bike. As reported by Hindu, all of them have been ecstatic and big time satisfied by the new offering and are looking forward to the official delivery of the motorcycle by TVS.

TVS has paid special emphasis on the finer points of the new offering to bestow it with as practical and related features so as to make it a boon for the above mentioned people. With phased launches, TVS plans to targets the North and Central Indian markets and later on spread it to other ‘needy’ markets if required. With this launch TVS has showed that they have grown as manufacturers and this product, if pursued well, must see them targeted numbers.

– Saad Khan