TVS Launches TRU4 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil for Rs 525 Per Liter

TVS Motor Company has launched a new engine oil by the name TVS TRU4 Synthetic which is available in 10W 30 grade. This fully synthetic engine oil abides to Japanese Automotive Standards Organisation (JASO MA2) requirements as well as American Petroleum Institute (API SL) requirement, proving that it is safe enough to be used in most bikes.


The company claims that TVS TRU4 Synthetic 10W 30 engine oil will facilitate smooth clutch operation, low temperature start ability and long service life. It would be available in packs of 1 liter and 900 ml. Synthetic oil flows better in cold weather and helps the engine to start quicker and offer better protection. Alternatively, like all synthetic oils, TVS TRU4 Synthetic 10W30 will also not succumb to change in viscosity at high temperature, which is a major problem faced when one uses conventional engine oil.

Traditional engine oil have been known to break down easily and evaporate at high temperature, which leads to significant damage to the engine. Moreover, conventional form of engine oil is not as smooth as synthetic oil which helps the engine to run smoother. Synthetic engine oil will also help in keeping the engine run cooler, thereby lowering the operational temperature and thus provides better power delivery and fuel economy.

Every pack of TVS TRU4 Synthetic 10W 30 engine oil will carry a special and unique code using which customers can check its genuineness by sending a SMS TRU4 <space> <Unique code> to 9500444444.

TVS TRU4 Synthetic Engine Oil Price

This TVS TRU4 Fylly synthetic oil costs Rs 525 per liter which is quite sensible pricing. If you use synthetic oils and the ever increasing costs of Motuls and Mobils have been worrying you, you can try this TVS engine oil and see how good or bad it is on your bike.

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