After Bajaj, TVS Readying Its CNG 2-Wheeler; Launch Possible in 12 Months

Jupiter 125 CNG could be the debut product for TVS using this greener tech. According to a report, it could come as early as by June 2025…

We just saw Bajaj innovating in the two-wheeler arena and it has come up with the world’s first CNG motorcycle called as Freedom, which is definitely being extensively talked about in the country today. Along with being greener for the environment, the USP of the motorcycle is the low cost of running. Bajaj claims that customers can potentially save upto Rs 75000 in a span of 5 years and the per kilometer running cost is almost half of petrol. Here is a quick 59 second video of Freedom…

These are very early days to comment on the efficacy as well as the long term success of such a product but what is absolutely certain is that competitors have taken notice. In a latest, arch-rival TVS Motor Company is also working on a CNG 2-wheeler for our market, according to a report at Autocar.

It says that TVS is ready with its CNG platform that it has also developed ground-up. But TVS may follow a different marketing strategy. Unlike Bajaj that came up with a completely new product/brand, TVS may use this tech on its existing, and very popular Jupiter brand, to get an initial traction.

jupiter 125 cng
Jupiter 125 could be the first product to debut CNG tech in TVS’ portfolio…

According to the report, TVS has also finalized the 125cc displacement to debut this tech on its products and the eventual product could be the Jupiter 125 that will introduce CNG for the brand. If this goes true, Jupiter 125 CNG will become the world’s first scooter to carry this tech on a large commercial scale.

Launch, they say, is as early as the last quarter of this financial year or within the first half of calendar 2025. Which means that the wait is not long and we can see the Jupiter 125 CNG in the market within twelve months from now.

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Responding to a query, TVS Motor said that it is very interested in all alternate fuel technologies like CNG, electric, etc and elaborated about its upcoming products that did not list CNG as a candidate for this year.

Each and every mass 2-wheeler manufacturer would be very closely watching the response Freedom gets and few of them, like TVS, may have already got some or the complete tech ready. Based on how quickly people adopt the Bajaj’s product, we may see more CNG motorcycles and scooters in the market.

What is your view of a CNG 2-wheeler as of now…?