TVS to Introduce the Cheapest Motorcycle in India

Greetings! The Indian biking scenario has reached incredible heights as regards premium bikes are concerned. Our country has become one of the most chosen nations for the production and circulation of premium bikes is concerned. But still commuters play very important role in our society, especially in our nation, because of many reasons like they are cheap, loaded with good features and are fuel efficient as well.

Also the commuter segment (100-110cc bikes) is the main source of revenue for major companies and thus every other company looks to try their luck producing commuters. Researches say that the commuter segment accounts for more than 60% of 9 million motorcycles sold every year in the country. Companies like Hero Honda and TVS have managed to have a great hold in this segment but the other manufacturers are soon catching up.

As the competition in this segment is getting tougher day in and day out, TVS is planning to roll out a low-priced commuter motorcycle (probably the cheapest in Indian market). If the company succeeds at this then they are going to rule the segment for sure because who doesn’t wish for a low priced bike these days especially when cost of living has rocketed sky high. It is reported that the product will be in 100cc range and will be the cheapest motorcycle in the country when introduced.

News also has it that TVS through this product will try and bridge the gap between their mopeds and motorcycles. Though there were no price tag discussions; Mr.H.S.Goindi (President, Marketing; TVS) was of the opinion that the company is planning a product within the range of 25,000 INR to 36,000 INR (subjected to change). He said that their might be a product in the above mentioned range.

Mr.Goindi was also of the opinion that producing such a budget friendly bike without compromising on features and quality is a challenge because Indian market demands quality of motorcycles, engine performance, styling and fuel efficiency. He also said that the challenge for the company would be to offer good features at competitive price points.