Is TVS Launching FIERO on 16 Sep? [RUMOR]

TVS Fiero launch on the cards in the coming days? That’s what an online report claims. The Fiero brand was registered few days back…

TVS Motor is going all guns blazing. Now that the world is returning to normalcy the company is introducing new models quickly. Just after it introduced the 2022 Apache 310 few days back, it has called us (again) for a media ride at its test track in Hosur.

The date given is September 14th and yesterday the company announced that this product (or products) will be launched on the 16th September.

So, we have the date, but we do NOT have any clue on what the product is. Going by the teaser TVS shared, we have a hunch that it could be the new Radeon. However, a new rumor has surfaced.

It claims that TVS is ready with its Fiero and the motorcycle will be launched in the coming few days. So, is TVS launching the Fiero on Sep 16th..?

If you are unaware, TVS had patented the name Fiero late last year. It has added the suffix ‘125’ suggesting that it will be a 125cc motorcycle.

tvs fiero launch
Here is the trademark that the company has filed for…

TVS has been struggling in the 125cc space and its earlier products – GLX, Phoenix, etc have bombed. Resurgence of the once-popular Fiero moniker will definitely help TVS grab eyeballs. This will be a similar story as Bajaj – which brought the Pulsar brand in the 125cc space and since then it has only seen a major upsurge in sales in this segment.

The report further says that Fiero 125 will take inspiration from the Apache series. It adds that, rather than a commuter-spec model, Fiero will be pegged as a sports offering, much like how TVS has positioned the Ntorq in the 125cc scooter space.

tvs fiero launch
The launch teaser for 16 Sep…

So, if this report goes true, TVS may have an ace up its sleeve and 125cc may be the new battleground for our homegrown manufacturers…

Source – Bikewale