After Norton, Here is TVS’ Next Buyout

TVS EGO partnership will allow the Indian company to penetrate in the European EV market with e-bikes, cargo carriers, etc…

TVS Motor Company has announced a partnership with EGO Movement as a majority shareholder. With this move, TVS wants to tap into sustainable personal e-mobility solutions.

TVS has plans to mark its presence in the European EV market with customer-centric bike designs. This happens to be the second major acquisition by TVS after the takeover of Norton Motorcycles.

The partnership deal was carried out by Singapore Subsidiary TVS Motor (Singapore) Pte Ltd. TVS Motor Company wants to build sustainable and scalable products.

tvs ego movement partnership

As Europe is the heart of the e-bike mobility landscape, TVS wants to expand itself in that developed market.

EGO Movement is a Swiss technology company providing mobility solutions through a portfolio of e-bikes, e-cargo bikes, and e-scooters. It has an omnichannel network across Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany with plans to expand further across Europe.

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EGO’s products include features like powerful Li-ion batteries, ergonomic comfortable seats, powerful mid-motor with a torque sensor, automatic time sensing LED lights, etc. EGO has also won the Red Dot Award.

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We can hope this partnership will result in cutting-edge e-mobility solutions at affordable pricing.