TVS to Provide 2000 Oxygen Concentrators in Fight Against COVID

TVS COVID relief of Rs 40 crores in the second wave will provide oxygen concentrators, PPE kits, face masks, food packets and other relief material…

This fight against the second wave of COVID is getting intense as we clock new records of infections every day. The official death count is also increasing and that is more because of the lack of oxygen and other basic medical facilities in the country. We had a time of one year to prepare, however, we did not!

The good news is that corporates are now joining the fight. After Bajaj announced a fresh pledge of Rs 200 crores, another auto maker, TVS Motor (along with Sundaram Clayton) has announced a fresh help of Rs 40 crores after it contributed Rs 60 crores during the first wave of the pandemic. The following tasks have been decided and will be undertaken by Srinivasan Services Trust – which is the social arm of these two companies.

TVS is adopting an integrated approach and is offering 2000 oxygen concentrators to various state governments. It will also provide PPE kits, medicines and other medical equipment across the country. Additionally, TVS will also supply 20,000 food packets every day to essential service workers in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

tvs covid relief
The corporate has provided almost 2 million food packets and 1 million face masks over the past year…

The company has also decided to distribute face masks, oximeters hand sanitizers to over 500 government health care centers and hospitals.

Bajaj Pledges Another Rs 200 Crore Towards COVID Relief

TVS has also announced to cover all medical expenses of its employees who suffer from this disease. The company is also vaccinating its employees on priority basis and is supporting their families in these stressful times.