Bajaj Pledges Another Rs 200 Crore Towards COVID Relief

Bajaj COVID relief in the second wave comes at a time when many corporates have risen to the devastation caused by the pandemic…

Bajaj Group is trying to help our fellow countrymen in this fight against the second wave of COVID-19. After donating Rs 100 crores during the first wave, Bajaj has pledged another Rs 200 crores towards the relief operations caused due to the devastation.

This financial support will be utilized to help the current ongoing relief operations. Bajaj has procured 12 oxygen plants which can provide over 5000 LPM of oxygen supply to various hospitals. It also has respiratory support equipment – oxygen concentrators, ventilators and BiPaps.

bajaj covid relief

In addition to this, Bajaj is also providing immediate food relief to anyone who needs it the most during these times. The Group is also undertaking efforts to enhance healthcare facilities – including oxygen and critical medical supplies in the rural and urban areas.

The group companies, along with their over 200 NGO partners, are supporting many different causes including providing all the necessary relief to the needy. It is also supporting the vaccination drive for the underprivileged section of the society.