SCOOP: TVS Patents ‘Apache RTX’; ADV or 310 Naked?

In a big update, TVS has filed for a new nameplate – Apache RTX. We try to understand what could be the outcome…

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The most popular brand of motorcycles in the TVS’ fraternity is, undoubtedly, Apache. Under that umbrella, the Chennai based maker sells its streetnakeds in the ‘RTR’ sub-brand whereas its full faired, flagship sports motorcycle bears the ‘RR’ badging.

Now, then! The company has patented a new sub-brand called as ‘Apache RTX‘. This patent is currently under the Formalities Check Pass status and should be granted to TVS soon. This is a clear indication that TVS is working on a new breed of motorcycles which can be sold under this new RTX moniker. No clarity or description of RTX is known at this point and that means we will have to take guesses.

apache rtx

Now there are two speculations that are making rounds and that could be the two possibilities behind the Apache RTX moniker..

1 – ADVENTURE – In many cases the suffix ‘X’ is associated with Adventure motorcycles and there have been chirpings that TVS is working on an Adventure motorcycle either on the 200 platform or the biggest 310 platform. So, this Apache RTX could debut with one of these variants. In fact, TVS’ rally bikes already use the ‘X’ moniker.

2 – BIGGEST NAKED – Another speculation that is doing rounds is the street naked version of the RR 310. So, the second possibility is this – the RTX moniker spawning the naked flagship – Apache RTX 310.

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So, this Apache RTX could be either of these, or something that we are not aware of, at this point of time. But what appears certain is that this will be a new sub-brand that will add few new motorcycles to the exciting Apache nameplate.

What is your guess…?