TVS Apache RTR 160 Review by Bhanu

Hello every one! This is Bhanu (Bunny). At last I am here to write review report of mine – one and only TVS Apache RTR 160 (Black Beauty). Definitely it is now or never. I had bought my bike two and half years ago after careful examination and comparison between Pulsar 150 & 180, unicorn and Cbz xtreme. Today I am a proud owner of Apache RTR and I say it by beating my chest. I pity my friends who had taken a wrong step of choosing pulsar, because now they compare my bike with their pulsars keeps on complaining about the performance and sounds from their bike.

Coming to the details first of all I would like to talk about the Styling. Comparatively a little bit large and wide head lamp but negotiable comparing on all. For the first time in the Indian history to introduce the rotor petal disc brake for the front, this created sensation. Excellent sportive design and seating as well! I love it, and coming to the back a brilliant looking led tail lamps with a partition in the middle looks great.

Style and Design 4.5/5

Engine and performance: A beautiful and well muscled black engine looks awesome. It has159.7cc powerful engine which releases15.4bhp power. As the name itself indicates “racing throttle response” the bike dances according to our response to trottle. Trust me, I am shocked with its performance, the bike jumps forward on giving a little throttle justifying the term “RTR”. I came to know by some bike magazines that the Apache RTR had won in a drag circuit on competing with pulsar, unicorn and Cbz.

Coming to the complaints session, everybody says that engine gives a lot of vibrations. For all those who say the above line. First of all the bike’s idle speed is minimum 60kmph or above. You can go over 110kmph without any vibrations if you have guts, as I had experienced myself by going to a top speed of 114 kmph. Smoothly, riding below the optimum speeds with such a powerful bike normally gives a little bit vibrations and treating this as a problem is a nonsense.

Engine and Performance 4.4 / 5

Handling: Well balanced chassis and very sharp and powerful brakes, adjustable handle bars overall gives a dam good handling to the bike. It is very nimble in traffic and you can cut through any small passage you have on the road compare to the ride on broken (off) road. Ride quality is not the best on broken roads which is negotiable.

Handling 4.5 / 5

At last, I love my bike and I will perform periodic maintenance to my bike. In these two and half years with 30000 kilometers I had to change following things.

  • Engine oil filters (Thrice)
  • Front disc brake pads (Once)
  • Disc Brake fluid (Twice)

That’s it.

Now for all those who has doubts on buying a brand new Apache RTR, leave all the stupid doubts and go for it if at all you are looking for a 150 to 180cc bike.

– Bhanu