TVS Apache RTR 160 Hyperedge Ownership Review by Sumon

I am Sumon Datta from Bangladesh. I am now studying in Bangladesh Agricultural University on Engineering on 5th Semester. Recently I bought TVS Apache RTR 160 Hyperedge. Now I am going to write a review on this bike.

Selection of the Bike

Well, at first, I was hyped by the Yamaha SZ R for my bold love for Yamaha for their parts quality and vibration less, smooth engine. I had ridden almost all 150cc in my vicinity. Hunk seemed, it had power but almost bad stopping power (brakes). New CBZ looked very good, but it had vibration and some said it was very heavy.

As I am only 5’5” and 74Kg, I had to consider so many things while buying a bike. As I was using a Yamaha SS125, I already knew to what I had to go. And for Pulsar, I always hated how bajaj engines behaves ( Truly personal opinion ). They seem to loss power after somewhat 7000-10000KMs.

For your information guys, in here Bangladesh, no bike over 150cc is allowed legally, except RTR 160. It says 150cc on paper. However, remaining was FZS and Fazer and RTR. Well, I loved Fazer engine, but it was out of my reach. To give you an example in our country, price of Fazer is 274000TK. On the road. So I had shortlisted SZR and RTR 160 Hyperedge new badge.

Now decision moment was my parents, they said to buy RTR 160 as it looks more manly than SZR. So it was decided. TVS Apache RTR 160 Hyperedge it was. On 10th January, I bought the bike. Now the original review comes. I am going to explain the bike parts separately. And please take this into consider I will talk as of the bike upto 160cc displacement, you know why.


Well, paper says 15.2bhp @ 8500rpm on a 159.7cc displacement. It maximizes torque @6000rpm. It is 4-Stroke 2-Valves engine. It has wet multiplate clutch. Engine is air cooled. Engine oil displacement is 1000ml. Now for review on my side, I will explain the engine in one phrase “Harsh and rev hungry”. Why am I saying this? RTR has rev range of 0 – 12000rpm of which it can pull smoothly, but it sound harsh. Around 2200rpm to 3400/3500rpm is very sluggish.

In this range it acts like normal 150cc engine. After that the power band of the engine kicks in. It can pull upto 12000rpm in very less time. Yes, RTR has no rpm limiter. I had the opportunity to ride a red hyperedge that was ~10400Kms old ( not to mention well maintained ). I took the bike to 131kmph and I was doing @10800rpm. I am not sure about the RPM because wind wastoo strong. So it defines the revvy engine of RTR. Mine is only 800KMs old. I am waiting to strike 2000KMs successfully. Verdict: 7.5/10

Engine gets maximum torque at 6000RPM. But to be honest guys, in RTR there is knocking at lower RPM. Pulsar has 6000rpm for max. torque but it has no knocking. But RTR has torque problem. But if you release the clutch very slowly then knocking vanishes. Verdict: 7/10

Now I will discuss vibration part. Guys you can see the rubber vibration dumper on the engine fins, I suppose. They do a great job. But to my surprise, RTR Hyperedge has vibration at 2500-3500rpm and 4500-5000rpm. It is not very bad according to its predecessors. Hyperedge has amazingly decreased vibration amazingly. Verdict: 7/10

Cooling system is good in RTR. Air fins have larger surface area than other bikes. So it does proficient cooling. But they also catch a lot dirt. Verdict: 8/10

Gearing system has been described as notchy by people everywhere. It sports 1down-4up gear system. Actually it is standard gear pattern nowadays. Gears are hard for the first 500KMs or first two engine oil changes. I haven’t yet stuck in any gears though. Gear ratios are well maintained. I like the toe shifting system. After riding the bike for about 10Kms, gear shift becomes smoother than before. But to TVS attention, gearbox need to be better. Verdict: 7.5/10

Sound of RTR is somewhat takes your breath away. Cata-con gives silencer a grunty sound that is just like free flow exhaust. Sound at high rpm is also enjoyable. Verdict: 9.5/10

As for performance/speed/zooming criteria, I haven’t tried any of this. I always raise RPM linearly means slowly. The 131kmph I did was on 3.2KM straight road and took some time to reach there. But RTR can zoom in the traffic very easily. It has “that”. Throttle response is very sharp. It can do 0-60Kmph in 4.5-5.0 seconds. This bike gives R15 a good competition and is 2nd best in performance segment upto 160cc. That goes for my engine review. Verdict: 9/10

Instrument Console Panel

RTR has the best console panel in its segment. Yes, I can say this boldly. There are

  • Digital Speedometer( Km/h)
  • Odometer
  • Trip meter (A, B)
  • Top Speed Indicator
  • Curvy Fuel Level Indicator
  • 0-60Kmph Timing (Will show faulty reading if ridden >10500rpm till 60kmph)
  • A Most Important Clock
  • LED Analouge RPM Meter
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Service Reminder
  • Engine Malfunction Indicator

Verdict: 8.5/10

Electrical Specifications and Staring System

RTR has no problem in the electrical department. It has got MF 12V9A battery. The headlight has a good spread and LED taillight is too good to look at. Side indicator’s buzzer installation is very simple. Charging rate has been very good on my bike. Dual horn is too much good. Now for self-starter, it has problem. Kick start is very good. Bike comes to life in just one kick. But ES has been very gloomy. Timing must be very good to start the bike in one touch. It is all about practice. This department certainly needs development for RTR.

Verdict: 8/10

Looks and Build Quality

Look is personal opinion for anyone. Some might prefer pulsar, some might prefer FZ for its bulky look. But RTR has muscle in this department. Headlight of RTR is eye candy, so is its tail light. Tires may look thin for a 150cc, But it has its advantage, I will light on it later. Clip on handle bars adds beauty to the bike.

Belly pan, I mean engine crash guard, also looks good with RTR sticker. The body of the bike embedded with RTR sporty graphics. Forged brake and clutch levers also look good. Rear brake lever and gear shifter looks nice in sun. Grab rails seems sexy also.

Verdict: 9/10

Handling and Comfort

This is the best feature of RTR. It handles like dream. Length between handle is short. Handles are low. But all these are for the best use of handling. In traffic, it can cut through very short gap. Even on high speed, bike remains ultra-stable. The weight of the bike is front-biased. But I would say this is not a touring bike. The wrist pain comes just after 20mins of riding.

Clutch of RTR is somewhat hard and needs some more force to pull. The city, I live in, is very busy with traffic. I almost regularly have to crawl at 5-7kmph for about .5-1.0kms, that has been too much painful for me. I wish the clutch were soft like other bikes. RTR has sporting riding position. But comfort must be “Adopted” through practice with this bike. Once you get the best riding position that suites you, you will fall love with this bike instead of the wrist pain it gives.

Verdict: 8.5/10


Suspension of RTR is hard. In one word, riding through bumpy roads will be painful for you. Track riding or highway riding is good. But hard suspension is that takes your enjoyment away sometimes. MIG( Monotube Inverted Gas) does just OK job. Rear Suspension travel is too much low in my opinion. It should have been much better.

Verdict: 6.5/10

Tires and Grip

RTR Hyperedge sports TVS tires 100/80mm for 18” rim on rear axle and 90/90mm for 17” in front. Grip of tires are just okay. But on tarmac and smooth roads I have been able to lean upto my confidence level. So I wouldn’t complain about them. But surely if you have option, then go for better MRF tires of same size. Why the same size? Because RTR sports one of the best handling by the help of these tires and its size. They give required stability for RTR at best. So if you go for another tire, remember to go for same size. Muddy and wet roads are nightmare though.

Verdict: 7/10


RTR sports Clip on handle bars of unique kind. They look very nice.

Right Handle Has

  • Throttle Grip
  • Vibration Dumper at end
  • Engine kill switch
  • Electric starter switch
  • Brake lever
  • Right Rear View Mirror holder
  • Lighting ( On, Partially On, Off)
  • Front Disc Brake Fluid holder

Left Handle Has

  • Clutch lever
  • High Beam /Low Beam
  • Choke lever
  • Left Rear View Mirror Holder
  • Pass Switch
  • Vibration Dumper
  • Indicator Switch
  • Horn Switch

There is somewhat a glitch on right handle’s throttle bar. Its free movement seems too much for me.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Maintenance and Quality

To keep RTR working at its top level, you need to maintain with a little care. I will denote the points to be done.

  • The oil filter needs to be changed at every engine oil replacement.
  • Air Filter must be cleaned by compressed air at every service.
  • In about 2000Kms of run in change engine oil 4 time to ensure best engine settlement.
  • Use kick for 1st 500KMs( at least in morning)
  • Clean chain with diesel and sweep and then lubricate it with SAE90 oil / a good chain sprayer.
  • Use Front brake and rear brake at a good proportion.

Quality of RTR is on par with price. They may not be the best, but part quality is very good. Spare parts availability is also very good. Service of TVS is the best I have seen. Yes, hero honda’s service in here sucks totally. TVS mechanics listens to you carefully and they try to solve the problems and they have knowledge to do it.

Verdict: 8/10

Fuel Economy

RTR doesn’t make a hole in your pocket that’s for sure. It gives 52kmpl on my good way of riding. I ride between 3000-4000rpm. That range suits RTR best. If you rip it, you must get over 35kmpl. RTR has that capability. A 16L fuel tank is always helpful. You can cover ~750km in one full tank. Yes, not 800kms.

Why not 800kms? Because when the tank is full, bike takes additional weight and gives some less fuel economy. So, I take ~50kms as a loss. So, as you know RTR’s fuel economy is one of the best of its class. For a performance oriented bike, ~50kmpl is a magnificent figure. Also there are people who got ~55-58kmpl with RTR under sane riding condition. Fuel economy doesn’t degrade over years.

Verdict: 9/10


I think I have pointed all positive sites and negative sites of this bike. So, for people who are thinking of buying a 150cc bike, my advice is,

  • If you want to stay ahead when traffic light turns green,
  • If you want sheer performance with good fuel economy,
  • If you want a good looker,
  • If you are mainly a city rider

Then this is the bike you are looking for.

To everyone, my advice is – “Always ride within your speed limit.” You don’t have to showoff. Because speed thrills and also kills. There are people you have to look after and to look you for. So, drive safely and use a good helmet and some good riding gears.

[xrr rating=4.25/5]

Sumon Datta