TVS Apache RTR 160 Hyperedge Ownership Review By Mitul

After passing the 1st year of my collage I began to think to buy a bike which will suit me in looks, style, class and elegance. Many bikes came to my mind for myself. But when I saw the TVS Apache RTR 160 my search was over. It’s looks mesmerized me and I thought to take this stunning beauty for myself.

I asked my dad about purchasing me a bike which he had promised me to give sometimes earlier. He said to me to wait for sometimes and promised me to get a bike at the time of Durga Puja. I waited for the Durga puja and then finally it came. After finishing my 2nd year 1st internal on 12/10/10, I went to a TVS showroom and asked about the prices of TVS Apache RTR 160.

There I came to know about the fact that TVS has launched a new variant of TVS Apache RTR 160 named as TVS Apache RTR 160 Hyperedge. I then and there made the decision to take this bike for myself. I wanted a red variant of this bike. But there were no bikes available at that time in the showroom.

So I booked a bike with Rs 5000/- and went to my home happily expecting the bike to be delivered to me very shortly. But it was a long wait for me until I got my hands on this stunning beauty i.e. my TVS Apache RTR 160 Hyperedge. I had to wait for nearly two weeks for the delivery of my bike. In this two weeks I regularly keep calling to the TVS showroom nearly once a day.

I was being impatient. Finally on a Sunday evening on 24/10/10 I got a call from the TVS showroom that my bike had arrived at the showroom and they asked me to receive it from there. That day I was not in town so I couldn’t receive the bike that day. I was thrilled by the fact that my bike had arrived at the showroom.

That night I hardly slept due to excitement. Next day morning i.e. on 25/10/10 I along with my dad went to the TVS showroom payed rest of the money and completed all the paper works to receive the bike. It cost’s Rs 69,120/-. I was amazed by its looks. It looked so sleek and sexy that I couldn’t even describe.

Then finally I got my hand on this stunning beauty. When I first put on the key and started the bike and pulled the throttle, the sound of the new bike was like music to my ears. I think that this bike was made only for me. It has suited me a lot. My friends and family members told me that this bike is meant for me because it adds to my personality.

I had rode this stunning beauty now nearly for a year. Its performance is quite satisfying and it had never let me down. TVS says that this bike gives a mileage of 45 kmpl in local areas. But I get a mileage of nearly 55 kmpl in local areas, which is more than satisfying for me where my bike is of 160 cc. I had rode it for more than 8000 km and at a maximum speed of 100 kmph.

The time shift of the bike from 0 to 60 is great. It has stunning looks. When I ride this bike I think I am at the top of this world. I am hugely attracted towards the petal disc which this bike possesses. I don’t have any major problems with my bike. When I first rode the bike I had some problems with gear shifting. But now it is perfectly fine.

Once I had used the XTRA MILE petrol for my bike which screwed up my bike’s tuning and even hampered the speed of my bike. That was the time before the 2nd servicing of my bike. The mechanic of the TVS showroom suggested me not to use XTRA MILE petrol for my bike and I would also suggest this to all the riders and bike lovers.

Everyone who love their bikes please use Speed or the plain petrol for your bike but not XTRA MILE. I have had long drives on my bike and it is quite steady and at any time I haven’t felt that I am losing control of the bike. It’s performance is much more satisfying than other bikes available in this section in the market.

It is a happy go lucky bike and is a great deal at a phenomenal price. I am more than satisfied with my bike as it has given me wanted services and had fulfilled my expectations nicely. I love my TVS Apache RTR 160 Hyperedge very much.

Mitul Kirtania