OPINION: Has G310RR Opened Up the Possibility of TVS-Badged G310 GS Adventure…?

TVS Adventure bike launch (G310 GS equivalent)- Is that a big possibility now after the arrival of the G310 RR – which is a rebadge of the TVS Apache 310??

So, while the G310 RR may or may not have gone down well with you, it, indeed, appears to be a nice decision – one that makes big business sense for the German maker BMW Motorrad. That the company may have gone ahead and changed the silhouette/styling of the motorcycle is definitely debatable but when the already available product has gone through the comprehensive testing cycle – why fiddle with it – at least that is what BMW must have thought. And that also made them market-ready quickly.

We must also credit TVS for its brilliant engineering and the fact that the very quality-conscious Germans did not hesitate to rebadge an Indian branded product is a proud moment for us.

Initial booking numbers suggest that people are queuing up for the most affordable, handsome looking fully-faired BMW! According to a social post by BMW Motorrad, the G310 RR has amassed bookings of over 1000 units in a matter of few days – and that is a pretty good start. For reference, Apache RR 310 from TVS does 200-400 units a month, on an average.

TVS Adventure bike launch
The recently launched BMW G310RR is a rebadged TVS Apache RR 310

But that is just one part of the story – the G310 RR may be a much bigger seller on a worldwide scale. We have to factor in the fact that BMW has a very strong brand name worldwide and major presence in a lot more markets than TVS – which is predominantly an Indian seller.

TVS Adventure Bike Launch Possible – Based on G310 GS?

But let me come to the point and aside the success or failure, liking or disliking of the G310 RR there is one great aspect that has come to the front – that the jointly developed products can be sold under both the monikers (remember, both the G310 R and G310 GS are made by TVS at its Hosur factory).

TVS Adventure bike launch
Are we getting a TVS G310 GS soon…?

So when BMW could simply rebadge an existing TVS product, the treaty should have a similar clause for the Indian maker as well. And does that mean we can get a TVS equivalent of the gorgeous G310 GS – the ADV?

TVS Confirms More Lifestyle Motorcycles After Ronin; Zeppelin Next…?

At the launch of the Ronin (watch review video below), I and a few other media people did have a casual conversation with Vimal Sumbly, the Head of Premium Motorcycles at TVS. Vimal, however, and obviously, did not reveal anything on this but I get this feeling that an ADV from TVS is definitely under works.

Imagine a very potent TVS G310 GS, with a retuned motor (for improved low-mid range), Bluetooth enabled SmartXonnect instrumentation, much cheaper spare parts, more affordable service costs – at 20,000-30,000 lesser than the BMW! I am sure there will be many takers for it, in India. Do you agree…?