Triumph Speed 400 Test Rides Begin; Deliveries Commence

Triumph Speed 400 test rides have opened up in Mumbai and Pune. Other cities will soon get the motorcycle. Deliveries have also started…

The most talked about motorcycle of recent times and badly awaited Speed 400 has started reaching dealerships in India. Along with that test rides and deliveries of the roadster have also commenced. The motorcycle is also available for look and feel across few Triumph’s dealerships – for people who want to see it in real before booking/buying one. The remaining ones will soon get the motorcycles.

As we have cleared, the Speed 400 will only be available at dedicated Triumph dealerships. As of now, Triumph only have 15-20 dealerships across the nation that are now operated by Bajaj Auto. However, the Pune based maker has promised to open 100-120 dealerships across 80 cities of India by this financial year. So, if you dearly want the bike and it is not available currently, don’t worry, chances are that you should have a dealership in your city in the coming few months.

speed 400 test rides

We have talked about Speed 400 (and its unlaunched sibling Scrambler 400X) extensively and have created many videos. The motorcycle, that is available at 2.33 Lakh, comes across as a surprise package and is easily the most value for money offering in this displacement range in the country.

Scrambler 400X vs Speed 400 – List of All Differences [VIDEO]

In case you want to know how is it, you can check our detailed review below.

And if you have made up your mind, you can book one at the official website by paying Rs 10,000. And when the Speed arrives at your local dealership – test ride one and gauge your comfort. And the good thing is that in case it doesn’t stand upto your expectations, you can cancel your booking to get complete refund.

Pics Source – Triumph Pune & Triumph Mumbai