After Furore Over Speed 400’s On-Road Prices Triumph Issues Clarification

A sheet with claimed Speed 400 on road price went viral with absurd charges. Triumph was quick to issue a clarification…

Just when the interest levels in the Speed 400 – Bajaj and Triumph’s first motorcycle under the new partnership, were at their peak, an on-road pricing sheet created a big furore over the internet. According to the break-up the motorcycle ended up costing almost equal to Rs 3.40 Lakh – which is about Rs 1.25 Lakh over the motorcycle’s ex-showroom tag.

It had some absurd charges of Rs 17,000 (delivery charges) and Rs 8500 (intro kit). Even the insurance at Rs 23,592 was extremely costly. This image, origins of which are unknown, quickly spread across like wild fire with enthusiasts venting their anger and displeasure over the issue.

Here is the sheet that claimed to be the Speed 400 on road price

And barely within a few hours, Bajaj-Triumph has issued a clarification – calling the prices as a rumor. It clarified that the company hasn’t revealed any guidelines towards the on-road prices to its dealers. The company will reveal the on-road prices on 10th of July and promised that they will be transparent and according to the industry norms.

“The Money is in Royal Enfield, We Have No Choice But to Rob That Bank”, Teases Rajiv Bajaj

Here is the exact verbatim…

At Bajaj Auto Ltd., we are committed to our customers and follow the highest standards of transparency, including pricing. We would urge all our customers and media to ignore the rumours doing rounds across various public and social media platforms related to the on-road pricing of the new Triumph Speed 400. The company has not released any on-road price guidelines and the same would be in line with its other products and industry norms. This will be issued by 10th July. 

speed 400 on road price
Speed 400 has sent surprise waves across the country for its price and the overall product value that it brings in…

Triumph re-iterated that the ex-showroom Delhi price of the Speed 400 is Rs 2.23 Lakh for the first 10,000 customers after which it will go to the original tag of Rs 2.33 Lakh. Deliveries of the motorcycle are slated to commence from second half of this month. Ex-showroom prices in all the states will be revealed closer to the delivery timelines.

Almost everybody has expressed pleasure at the motorcycle’s price and the Speed 400 is definitely set for a bumper opening. It would be a self-goal if the company’s dealers try to extract more more from the customers by incorrect means.