Triumph & Castrol Join Hands to Expand in India

Triumph Motorcycles, the legendary British motorcycle manufacturer, has tied up with Castrol India to help in marketing the marque products. They intend to jointly organize promotional activities to promote their bikes.


They will also back up to be technology partners by engineering lubricants for all upcoming Triumph bikes. Castrol will also be Triumph’s official lubricant supplier and will supply fully synthetic, high-performance, Castrol Power1 Racing engine oil to Triumph dealerships across the nation.

Castrol has already got a huge experience of the Indian two-wheeler industry, and this technology sharing will be immensely beneficial for the brand, as it is still in a very nascent stage in the country. They aim to work closely with the manufacturer to work out a successful plan of growing in this incredibly competitive market.


The oil supplied to Triumph, Castrol Power 1 Racing, is a fully synthetic four stroke motorcycle engine oil with Trizone technology and comes with…

  • Race derived formulation technology for maximum engine acceleration.
  • Extreme high temperature air-cooled and water-cooled engine performance.
  • High speed oil consumption control & volatility.
  • Shear stability to prevent viscosity breakdown.
  • Complies with requirements of catalyst equipped engines.

This is not the only collaboration which Triumph has with Castrol. Back in November 2013, the manufacturer had loosely mentioned that they will again attempt to break the land speed record on a motorcycle. Both the companies have pooled in their resources to build an advanced streamlined motorcycle, called the Castrol Rocket, which has a power output of 1000 horses and is built in the shape of a torpedo. They aim to hit a speed of 400miles/hour (643.74kmph) at the salt flats of Bonneville!!!

Here is the quick intro video of Castrol Rocket