Triumph Calls back Sprint GT and ST

Triumph, one of the most prestigious and powerful bike manufacturers, has called back its latest models Sprint GT and ST. As far as the news go, both the bikes viz. Sprint GT and ST were facing some technical and mechanical problems. The problems in both the bikes were related to engine oil plug/ dipstick. This flaw in the name of branded motorcycles could easily spoil any company’s name and thus Triumph called back both Sprint GT and ST from the market.

As per the terms of this recall, Triumph is going to replace the defected engine oil plug free of cost. Soon after Sprint ST and GT were introduced in the market here were lots of pessimistic comments about the technicalities of these bikes. On inspection it was founded that both the bikes were facing problems with the engine oil plug/ dip stick. S the company has decided to call back every single unit and replace the oil plug.

In more precise terms, ST and GT were installed with incorrect length dipstick which could easily result in inaccurate reading.  Triumph has decided to replace the effected parts free of cost for the existing owners and rests of the bikes are being taken back to the company for quick repair.  This proves that in today’s competitive world even the efficient players are not supposed to rest.