Triumph-Bajaj Bikes to Get Two Engine Options, Launch Soon – Report

Triumph 250 launch touted to be in the coming few months. There may be 6-8 motorcycles that the duo could be working on…

What is official is that Bajaj and Triumph have come together to make mid capacity motorcycles for India and the world. This was announced many years back and there have already been multiple delays. But some of the test mule sightings have given us the first hints of the shape and design of at least a couple of motorcycles that the duo is developing.

In fact, in a press conference it was officially announced that the first Triumph (yes it will be sold under the Brit’s moniker) motorcycle will be priced at under Rs 2 lakh. There were speculations that it would sport a near 200cc engine, however, I was of the opinion that instead it could be a 250! And that is precisely what a latest report claims.

According to an online report, there are two engine capacities under works – 250cc and 400cc – both with liquid cooling and both single cylinder models. Additionally, there are claims that there will be four different models and that could mean about 7-8 different trims if we consider both the capacities.

Triumph 250 launch

That report goes onto predict that it would be the 250cc variants that India could get first with the 400s for the international markets. However, I believe India could get the 400s as for a bigger capacity engine (under similar shell) it could command a better price point (for Triumph and Bajaj).

Take for example the Street 500 and Street 750s from Harley. Both the models differed mainly in the engine department. The American behemoth never sold the Street 500 in India as the cost of its development was not really very different from the Street 750.

There could be an entry level 250cc variant for our market, but the 400s are more suitable for our market. Obviously, a lot will depend on how different will these models will be equipmentwise.

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As for the much awaited launch, the report claims that the first model(s) may be introduced within the first half of this year. As we said earlier, we have a hint of the fact that Triumph Bajaj intend to price (at least) the first model very aggressively.

What do you think of this strategy and should Bajaj also have its versions of these models…?