The Most Devastating 250 is Real – Honda Confirms CBR 250RR Moniker [New Video]

Honda has started teasing their long awaited quarter litre CBR 250RR in Indonesia – a bike which, going by the past, can be the most devastating 250 cc of the current times. The bike was first showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show under the Lightweight supersport concept moniker. A new teaser video has been released which shows how the production version is set to look. Also, the Japanese bike maker has, for the first time confirmed the name (CBR) 250RR, which is the same as that of the 4 pot pocket monster from the early 90s.

Back then it churned out 45.6 bhp of power and had twin discs at the front as anchors. It used to redline at around 19,000 rpm, lending it the potential to be the best known example of the term ‘pocket rocket‘. Fast forward to 2016 and we will see a new chapter unfold. The market globally has evolved. The presence of brands like KTM in the segment has taken the game ahead. Europe may have moved ahead to 300 cc (or higher) range but for Asian nations, 250 cc is still where folks start with.


CBR 250RR: What to expect!

So here’s a small list of expectations and hopes we have from the CBR 250RR:

  • Engine: We expect the bike to have an in-line twin cylinder mill which may produce around 36-37 bhp which would bring it in tandem with rivals like Yamaha R25 and Ninja 250.
  • Electronic aides: While the single cylinder CBR 250R will continue to be offered, the CBR 250RR will gain several premium features. These might include ride by wire, traction control and riding modes. Well, since we are on it, can we get cornering ABS too (okay now that’s asking for too much :-D)?

Honda CBR 250RR front disc

  • European version: Unlike the Japanese and ASEAN members Europe gets a slightly bigger engined machines in this segment. The Yamaha R3, Ninja 300 and their very own CBR 300R are living examples. So, shall we expect a 300 or 350RR as well?
  • Low kerb weight: This is where the bike can rule the roost. The all-new CBR 250RR is expected to be extremely light. In fact the word on the street is that it will tip the scales under 150 kilos!

Honda CBR 250RR engine

  • Possibility of a naked: Almost every motorcycle in the segment has a naked sibling. So in the near future shall we expect Honda to bring a naked version of the CBR 250RR as well?

And here we will leave you with the teaser video released in Indonesia.

And a few screengrabs as well…