Suzuki Launches Special Edition Inazuma 250Z in UK

Inazuma, one of the most controversial quarter litre motorcycles in India majorly because of its insane initial pricing, has got a new special edition in the UK called as the Inazuma 250Z which appears to be nothing more than a tiny sticker upgrade.

Suzuki-Inazuma-250z-Special-Edition-Red (1)

The international audience is more mature than India and finds the Inazuma a decent quarter litre motorcycle. However, the bike has failed to garner any traction in India. Suzuki has tried its bit by slashing its prices by as much as 1 Lakh rupees making it a slightly more sensible buy.

The new special edition Inazuma comes with a few additional body stickers on the tank, a line running across to the tail and an intermittent covering on the alloy wheels. It comes in a couple of options – red or blue with the base as black. There are no mechanical or engine related updates to the motorcycle and it continues to be powered by the same 248cc twin cylinder motor.


With the new graphics, the bike does tend to look a little less aged and adds a wee bit of modernity to itself. Inazuma still remains the gentleman among the quarters with a relaxed feel to its engine.

The Inazuma 250Z costs 3,552 British pound Sterling (Rs 3.65 lakhs), which is a 51 pounds (Rs5,239) increase from the regular variants. There is a possibility Suzuki may consider launching something on similar lines in India considering it doesn’t really require any significant changes to the infrastructure. However, will that help, any which way?

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