The Mothership – Hayabusa Still Hot Favorite Among Buyers; Interesting Pointers

Suzuki Hayabusa sales in India have increased this year over the same period last year. We list few very interesting pointers on its sales…

Most of us bikers have grown with Suzuki Hayabusa being our ultimate dream machine. This feeling was further amplified with Bollywood movies like Dhoom. This, when we have many other options which have cropped up in these years. Hayabusa was once the fastest production commercially sold motorcycle in the world. That feat has been bettered but the sports tourer – often called as The Mothership, continues to enjoy the stardom in terms of sales, and popularity!

Among all the ultra-premium motorcycles that are on sale in India, Hayabusa is one rockstar seller. It often outsells many smaller 600-1000 cc motorcycles in the market. In the month of January 2020, it registered dispatches of 29 units which are 38 percent more than the previous Jan (of 2019). This figure of 29 is the second highest for this financial year so far.

Suzuki Hayabusa Sales


This year Suzuki has registered dispatches of 33 more units which is a growth of almost 19 percent over last year during the same period.

Suzuki Hayabusa Sales

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And in case if you believe these are minuscule numbers, let us inform you that…

  • Triumph has registered total sales of 504 units this year so far, from its complete lineup of motorcycles.
  • Hayabusa outsold Ninja 400 as the Kawasaki’s 400cc motorcycle amassed 119 units in this period.
  • These are higher than 600-800cc motorcycles from Honda, Triumph and Suzuki themselves.
  • These are higher than 800-1000cc motorcycles from all the makers except Kawasaki where Z900 is a stellar seller.
  • These are segment best numbers!

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Suzuki recently launched the 2020 Hayabusa in India – quoting it as the final BS4 model in two new colours.