Suzuki GS 150R Ownership Review by Srikrishna

Hi bikers, this is Srikrishna from Chennai. I am doing my under graduation. My love for biking started when I was in my 12th standard. My friends were the main cause of it. I did not know to properly release the clutch and change the gears when I went for the test ride of my first love (The Suzuki GS150R).

The GS was the only bike on which all my thoughts were, when I was towards the end of my schooling days. I used to read Bikeadvice ownership reviews, reading blogs and forums. Many of my friends never knew that there is a Company named Suzuki in India thanks to the terrible Marketing strategy by the japanese giant Suzuki motorcycles india. All my friends were against me as I wanted to buy the GS150R and they never knew its specialities and capabilities.

The Day

On 1/11/11,I along with my sister went to SMK Suzuki velachery and booked the White GS150R. I got it delivered on 11/11/11. People say that we must learn from our mistakes. I will surely say that I have learnt from the mistakes committed by me in the past. YES, I owned an Orange GS150R, Which I sold because of my poor maintainance. But my love for the GS150R had only increased several folds and it made me get the same bike again.

The Run-in period

It is said to be the critical period for a bike. A proper run in is required for every bike. Every owner must read the service manual once he gets his bike delivered,which many of them fail to do. I followed the run in procedure for my beast. I did not cross 4.5rpm during my first 800kms. And have not crossed 6rpm till today. I have run 2700kms approximately.

I have not crossed 80km/hr as I thought there was no need for crossing it in the city and I am very careful with my run-in.In my last bike (Orange GS150R) I had run 14,500 kms. I got very low mileage figures due to my poor maintainance and constant ripping and high speed runs. I achieved a top whack of 119km/hr in doubles with k&n fitted.

Build quality and Reliability

Japanese products are known to built like a gun! There is Quality written all over the GS150R, right from the foot rest to the engine.

Engine and Refinement

The 149cc engine is one of the best in its class if not the best. If anyone says that the unicorn is the most refined 150cc, my advice is that they have to test ride the GS. The Smooth engine and a butter smooth gear box provided in the GS cannot be matched by many of its competitors.


If your bike has undergone the proper run-in process, then I assure you that your bike if ridden at 60km/hr to 80km/hr in city will surely give 50 to 55km/ltr, because that is what I have been doing and that is what I get.

Spare Parts

As I said before, there is quality written all over the bike. The parts although are on a slightly costlier side, they are very reliable.


  • 6 speed gear box
  • Gear indicator
  • Digital speedometer with rpm indicator and 3 modes
  • Led tail lamps
  • Integrated and stylish indicators
  • Ultra Refined Engine

The bike is a boon on the highways due to the overdrive 6th gear and the heavy weight which helps in its stability.


  • Toe-heal shifter
  • Great mileage figures
  • Decent Top speed matching its competitors
  • Superb Suspension
  • Not over crowded service centers and decent service
  • Definitely a Eye catcher and Unique
  • Comfortable and wide pillion seat


  • Very less Re-sale value
  • Heavy for some
  • Poor marketing
  • Tube tyres
  • High pillion seat


The GS150R may not have a high resale value (like for ex: A Pulsar 150). But it is a bang on the buck product by Suzuki for mature people need a decent 150cc power commuter! The decision is yours.

I would like to thank Deepak Raj (BikeAadvice) For giving me this opportunity to share my views about my bike.