New Suzuki Burgman Street EX – Why 19K Extra? Here are All the Differences

Do all the below mentioned Burgman EX changes justify the huge premium Suzuki is charging for it…? Do check the list out…

We must give it to Suzuki for bringing its international and acclaimed Burgman brand of maxi-scooters to India. The Burgman Street looked massive and gave a taste of big looking scooters to India. But the problem was that to keep prices in check, Suzuki continued with almost the same hardware as the high-selling Access.

That meant that primarily the wheels looked actually tiny on that huge body and this was a general consensus of all the customers of the scooter as well as its prospect buyers. The company has now plugged the gap and introduced a new variant of the scooter which is called as the Burgman Street EX.

But for some reason the company is charging a premium of almost whopping 19K for it. Let us see what all is the company offering for this big amount…

2023 Burgman Street EX Changes

  • Bigger Wheel – As I said, the biggest difference is the larger 12 inch rear wheel that replaces the 10 incher of the other variants. The front wheel continues to be a 12 incher as before.
  • Wider Tyres – The scooter also now comes with a slightly wider 100-80 rear tyre (as compared to 90-100 of the standard version). The front remains unchanged at 90/90-12. Now with a bigger wheel and wider tyre, the scooter should look much more proportional.
  • Silent Start System – The silent start system that is now offered on many other 2-wheelers from the competition, is also a part of the package on the new EX.
  • Auto Start/Stop – Much like Hero’s i3s, Suzuki Burgman Street EX also comes with an auto start-stop function that switches the engine off when the scooter is at a standstill for some time. It switches back upon a throttle twist. This is helpful in traffic situations and saves fuel.
  • Battery – According to the spec sheet, the EX also comes with a bigger 6 AH battery as compared to 4 AH of the older version.
Burgman EX changes

Apart from the above mentioned feature add-ons, here are some other changes that we can notice…

  • Engine Specs – The new EX continues with the same 125cc motor however, we could notice few minor changes to the engine output specs. It surprisingly churns 0.1 PS of lesser power and the peak power is now achieved 250 rpm earlier (6500 rpm as compared to 6750 rpm of the standard version).
  • Weight – As a result of the above mentioned changes, the EX, at 111 kg, is also 1 kilo heavier than before.
  • Dimension Changes – For some unknown reasons, the Burgman EX is 5 mm shorter and 15 mm narrower than the older variants. However, it gets a 25 mm bigger wheelbase.

Aside this, the EX comes in three shades of Metallic Matte Platinum Silver, Metallic Matte Black and Metallic Royal Bronze – which are exclusive to it.

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This brings us to the most important part of the story – the price.

  • Burgman EX – Rs 1,12,300
  • Burgman Standard – Rs 89,900
  • Burgman Ride Connect Edition – Rs 93,300

As you can see, Suzuki is charging a whopping premium of Rs 19,000 for some very minor changes to the scooter. What do you think – is it justified…?