Suzuki Access 125cc Review

After the introduction of Zeus and the Heat motorcycles, Suzuki came out with a new scooter in the Indian market; Suzuki Access 125cc. The vehicle is braced with air-cooled and a four-stroke engine that has a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission). The scooter features a typical Japanese design with the indicators studded on the apron. On the whole the vehicle has made attempts to draw similarities from Honda Activa in terms of ergonomics, styling and the design.

Suzuki Access 125cc

Looks and New Additions: Suzuki Access 125cc is not designed for one sex unlike Kinetic Flyte or Scooty. This powerful scooter is for metrosexual person for daily hassle free commuting. The scooter has a longer wheelbase that gives it more of a compact look. The mirrors do not match the body color and the paint used for vehicle is superb in quality. The finishing also appears near to perfection and the non-metallic body is only one more addition in the wagon next generation scooters. It does have its own plus making it one rust-free scooter. Suzuki Access also sports funky foot pegs. What is great is it’s under seat storage. Access beats active in that aspect and provides ample under seat storage of say about 20-liter capacity that can hold your helmet and simple daily groceries. The scooter features modern telescopic front suspension with multi-reflector headlamp. It also comes with electric start option and a fuel gauge and speedometer.

Suzuki Access boasts a list of accessories such as, front fender bending, leg shield bending, front box, inner mat, body coloured grips and it goes on. Obviously all these additional parts will make the vehicle look trendier. Access has both the options that of self-start and kick start system. The gauges and control system are traditional. The seats are comfortable and flat offering good support for the pillion rider.

Performance: Suzuki Access runs on a powerful mill so you don’t have to worry climbing an uphill. Its 125cc engine that promotes 8.58bhp at 7000rpm and 10Nm at 5500rpm can take you effortlessly. The Access engine features XTP (Extra Torque and Performance) that is quite similar to Suzuki Zeus. Although Suzuki promises fuel efficiency of 60kmpl from its Access 125cc, we know of the test conditions (maybe downhill they are talking about…duh!) because you should be just happy if your access gives an economy of little more than 40kmpl.
The Suzuki Access 125cc is fitted with 120mm drum brakes, and the tyres used at the front and the rear is 90/100-10. The suspension of the vehicle is contemporary telescopic at the front. But at the rear it is swing arm. The ignition key is designed with a shutter system and the choke knob can easily be detected. But let me tell you that the pick-up and the problem-free start of Suzuki Access are far better than the Honda Activa. The vehicle seems to cruise smoothly through potholes and braking is up to the mark. Suzuki Access also give little noise at high speeds unlike Honda Activa.

Suzuki Access

Colour and Pricing: I haven’t seen some of the colors of Suzuki Access 125 cc on the road, but it does come in five colours- candy antares red, metallic silver, metallic euclase silver, metallic grey and pearl nebular black. Suzuki Access 125 cc is priced at Rs. 44,850 and it also could be one deterrent in giving a competition to Activa.

Final Word: Suzuki Access has a competitor in the segment of 125cc engine- in Kinetic Flyte, which is more practical and has more features so it becomes hard to choose Access over Flyte. And people who already own the Activa or the TVS’ Scooty may not be very keen to replacing their vehicles, if ever they will look forward to upgrade maybe to Nano.

Suzuki Access’ tagline of ‘Sabki Wish Kari Poori’ does not seem to live to peoples expectations and doesn’t cater to the needs of everybody. Although the build and performance of the scooter is definitely better than the other 100cc vehicles in the 4-stroke scooter market, people may still not choose the Suzuki Access 125cc. The reason could well be because of the higher price or even a personal choice. Whatever be the reason, one may opt for an understated look of the Honda Activa than the Suzuki Access 125cc.