Honda Activa and Suzuki Access are the two premium scooters in the Indian market which has the maximum demand. Since these two scooters are from the same country – Japan; and since both the companies have their own reputation, it is often hard to decide which bike to buy.

In this post I will try to help you choose the best. And the best judge are our readers! So in to following poll, please vote for the the scooter you prefer.

Given these two scooters, which one would to prefer to own?

  • Honda Activa (50%, 1,003 Votes)
  • Suzuki Access 125 (50%, 989 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,992

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Both these scooters have a 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled engine. Access has a 124cc engine while Honda Activa has only a 109cc engine. But both these engines are extremely refined and serve the purpose. From a research we conducted, the most commonly reported mileage of Activa is 40kmpl with extremities ranging from 35kmpl to 45kmpl. The mileage of Suzuki Access is a little bit less with the average being 37.5kmpl and extremities ranging from 33kmpl to 43 kmpl.

Ownership Reviews:

Also leave a comment explaining why you chose one scooter over the other.

Deepak Raj

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  • fas

    Access easily trumps the Activa in my opinion.

  • Mitesh Agrawal

    Actwa is better compared to access

  • tushar

    Access is more comfortable than Activa

  • I disagree on the mileage part.
    I own a Suzuki motorcycle and when I go for servicing, I see happy Access users reporting mileage above 48 in city riding conditions.
    The service center guys even manage to make the scooters deliver mileage of around 60, but then I am not sure about the performance.

  • ramakrishna reddy

    Wego is better than both

    • fm

      chup be saaale..

    • I-Am

      Bhag saale… Its the worst sccoter ever….

  • Honda Activa has superior or better engineering like the placement of air filter, battery position and the ratio of seat to handle i.e. difference between height of Seat and Height of Handle from ground. Access has less difference, duro even lesser. This makes the position of our hands This difference makes one ride Activa more comfortable. But against this technical stuff, Activa requires more maintenance, unlike Access. I own Access.

    Another problem is delivery period. Access has an advantage. Older Activa had metal frame, which reduced average, due to increased weight, but metal has advantage over fiber. It can be repaired. This made Activa favourite for any small / micro businessmen (job workers like electroplaters, brass part manufacturers) to carry load upto 50 – 60 kg.

    Lack of availability made people to buy Access (including me). Access has better average. (I do not know about the most recent versions of both scooters).

  • shoaib

    I own an activa driven almost 1700 km till now.
    I like the muscular look of activa than the access.
    Pickup wise though the acess may have 15cc extra but activa picks up very well in the traffica.
    In terms with top speed i have been able to reach 90 km/h mark in mumbai on highways.
    The bike easily picks up 60 km/h speed in about 8-10 secs then reaching 60 – 80 km/h speed also doesnt take a long time. Reaching 90km/h takes some time also depends on the grip of the road as well.
    Mileage wise i have got 43 km/ltrs till now doing all the masti on my activa.

    • true

      Access has 125cc engine. Activa has 109 cc.

      When riding single, you wont know difference in pickup between Access and Activa. When you ride doubles and with some luggage in front, then you will know the difference. Access has more pickup when riding doubles.

      Also, Access has modern telescopic front suspension. Activa has old-technology front suspension. Honda aviator has telescopic front suspension, but is costlier.

      Access wheelbase is wider 1250 mm, Activa 1238 mm. So, this with telescopic front suspension, gives Access more stability in high speed.

      Access seat height is 780mm, Activa 765 mm.

      Handle height is lower in Access 1125 mm, Activa 1147 mm. Lower handle is good for ladies.

      Those who want higher handle, can go for suzuki Swish which has handle height of 1140 mm.

  • satish

    suzuki access125 is pikap is verry good access125 performens is so nices

  • Dhaval Kothari

    Access is any time better than Activa- looks, Pick up, milege , its front telescopic suspension & more importantly its low maintainance cost. Also its service quality at pune is really good mainly at AUTOMATIC SUZUKI.

  • ankit

    i have two activa, old one and new 115 cc. and access. activa is best. in terms of mileage,reliability. access has punchy pickup but less mileage.

    • true

      There is no 115cc Activa. New Activa is 109 cc only. Also Activa has old-technology front suspension. No telescopic front suspension in Activa.

      Access seat height is 780 mm, Activa seat height 765 mm.

      Access handle height is 1125 mm, Activa handle height is 1147 mm. Lower handle is good for ladies. Those who want higher handle can buy suzuki Swish 1140.

      Access wheel base is longer 1250 mm, Activa 1238.

      But please note, Access handle width is 3 cm less than Activa. Most people wont know difference. All bikes have wide handlebars, so guys who have rdiden bikes will feel that Access handle width is less.

      If i buy suzuki scooter for myself now, it will be Swish125, because it has slightly higher handle compared to Access and is 5 kg lighter. Also with same powerful 125cc engine and telescopic front suspension.

      If i buy honda scooter, then it will be Aviator, because it is the only honda scooter with telescopic front suspension. But please note Aviator suits tall people better.

  • Abhinav Upadhyay

    From last one month I was looking to buy a Gerless scooter which for day to day small travels and some times long even.
    On my board was Suzuki Access, TVS Wego and Honda Activa.

    Starting with Activa which I tried to test drive first. I went to Noida dealer twice buct coud not get the same due to some ortehr issue. While talking to the Marketing representative within a minute it was disclosed that that person has very less knowledge of the product what he is marketing. Though there stands no doubt that with 109CC and power approx 8 bhp + sleek design, fair mielage of approx 40 to 45 this vehicle is the proven one in the market. Over and above the brand name HONDA adds reliability to the product.

    I felt upset becasue of no test drive. Good thing was that scooter had no waiting period.

    Next I preffered to ride TVS Wego. In terms of performance it was at par activa wih 110 cc engine, almost similar power and few very good features such as Body Balance, 12inch alloy wheels, sleek design, fuel filling outside etc. Attitude and knowledge of persons in TvS showrooms was slightly better than Honda showrooms person. Little beat I was worried about the reliability of TVS vehicles in long Run.

    But anyhow, to take a chance with Indian Vehicle, I was about to final it but all of a sudden I came across suzuki showroom. Just to give a try I went inside and enquired about the vehicle. Immediately the sales representative offered me the test drive. I was imprssed with its 125 cc mini heart. Pickup was great and it took approx 7 sec to reach to 60kmph, due to heavy traffic I could not cross 65 but by this time it was cleared that its ride quality, front telescopic suspensions and plain simple features were enough to have it in my house parking.

    Over and above I was offered very good deal with suzuki representaive and with loan interest for 1 year and all accesories it costed me Rs 54800 in Noida.

    This was a vey good deal as its peer Honda was costing me Rs 58000 and TVS wego Rs 56500 taking into account one year loan interest.

    Tomorrow I am taking the delivery of vehicle and am excited to drive the same.

    • true

      Hey, TVS wego is also good. Nothing to worry about TVS quality.

      Access is also good scooter. If you want 2 cm higher handle than Access, buy Swish. Both Access and Swish have the same powerful 125cc engine, power is good when riding doubles.

      But be aware of suzuki service. They are in hurry to finish service. The service center guys had over-tighened rear brake adjuster of my cousin’s Access scooter, which reduced pickup and mileage.

      After we readjusted and loosened the rear brake adjuster, now both pickup and mileage are good in Access. Please ensure, you are able to turn rear wheel with hand. It should not be too tight.

  • SparK

    When I purchased Access for my dad in Jun-2010, Honda-Active new model was way ahead in sales and road presence. After a mere a year and half later both makers are expanding their production rate specifically in Scooter segment; thanks to increasing Scooter sales these days..

    I went for Access for it’s
    – extra CC(power)
    – Telescopic front suspension
    – CVT engine => acceleration from stand still is exhilarating..

    Also mileage is less compared to new Honda-Activa … I rode(daily commute to office) it for 7 months and it gave me about 43+ kmpl on average.

    Anyways, Suzuki might be coming up with less powered scooter with higher mileage which will be appealing to women these days…

  • achiever

    Both are craps. There should be one more option 3) None of the above.


    i am booking access
    is good/ not good?

  • Prashant

    i am expecting delivery of my Access by 15th Jan. However my frnds using Access r reporting bad mileage of about 30-35 Kmpl, in my town Satara (MS). However i enquired with the dealer, but they had a huge smile, saying a lot. The Access users reported fall of mileage after Service from the dealer. is there any issue with Vehicle engineering or the dealer is not so equipped, trained? Reply.

    • true

      Suzuki service guys are idiots. They over-tighten the brakes, which results in lower mileage and pickup. Please adjust and loosen your front and rear brakes.

      You can hold front suspension, lift the front part, and turn front wheel. It should turn freely. If wheel does not turn freely, loosen the brake adjuster by turning anti-clockwise direction. No tools required; the adjuster can be turned by hand itself.

      Due to belt drive, rear wheel will be slightly less free than front wheel, but still you should be easily able to turn by hand. If very tight and difficulty turning rear wheel, loosen rear brake adjuster also.

  • tonykuttan

    I’m going to book an Suzuki-Access scooter ……..
    i find some sort better in case with access………..

  • Jai

    Hey Guys m from Raipur(Chhattisgarh)
    Here Access is full on Demand .
    But due to the shortage of Scooters,
    showrooms are taking almost 3months
    to deliver Vehicle .
    I would like to know is such availibility
    prb u people are facing in ur Cities also ???

    And my 1 question to every reader
    Y Honda Twister any how hit the Market
    but Suzuki SlingShot not.
    Though SlingShot is pretty good in looks !


    the best of all GEARLESS scooters is certainly SUZUKI ACCESS 125,its enormous pick-up,mileage 40-45 kmpl,suspension,above all the availabliy gears it amongst
    the leader. SO i’ll definetly bet on SUZUKI ACCESS 125.

  • sathish

    hai i want to know … activa and access which one is better specially mileage and pickup

  • Shubham

    i really want to know which one is not only better the best in mileage ,pick up, service, and in overall look
    bcs my dad is goin to buy it for my sis!!!

  • parthiban

    i have desided to book access because of its easy performance and good millage than any one

  • ravish jindal

    acess is good choice it have 125 cc more pwerful eng. better pickup and mileage about 50to 55 and cost arround 53000 at jaipur
    activa 110 cc , mileage 40-45 , cost is 55000 at jaipur
    wego 110cc , mileage 30-35, cost 54000 at jaipur
    duro 125cc, mieage 25-30, cost 53500 at jaipur
    plesure 98 cc, mileage 35-40, cost 49000 at jaipur
    coise is ur

  • A.prasanna

    my choice suzuki access

  • mahendarn.r

    My choice is only Honda Aviator , it’s look great than Access 125 , Aviator also available with Disk break cost is 61,700.
    I was lacking to get the Access or Honda Activa when I look Honad Avaitor it brokes my all other thoughts .


  • t.rajeshkumar

    sir, i reyaly confused .

  • Joseph Alex

    If you are looking for performance and handling, Go for the Access, Its suspension and pick up is far superior than that of the Activa. If you need a scooter to just get from Point A to Point B, Go for the Activa. Fuel economy may also be slightly better on the Activa, But again slightly.


    tomorrow I will purchage ACCESS125 powerfull engine,great milage,very good suspension & pickup

  • suyash

    hey the HONDA ACTIVA is the best one bcz it has more sales than any other scooter so it would have any good feature so i would suggest all of you to buy HONDA ACTIVA than

    these three are bakwaas

    only HONDA ACTIVA is the best

  • true

    Scooter – Access125 – Swish125 – Activa110 – Aviator110cc
    Length mm – 1,780 – 1,780 – 1761 – 1802
    Width mm – 650 – 650 – 710 – 703
    Height mm – 1125 – 1140 – 1147 – 1162
    Wheel Base mm – 1250 – 1,250 – 1238 – 1256
    Grnd Clear mm – 160 – 160 – 145 – 145
    Seat Height mm – 780 – 780 – 765 – 790
    Kerb Weight kg – 115 – 110 – 112 – 114

    • sagar

      honda activa is 3rd class scooter .. everyy one should buy suzuki access 125..bcz of its milage 56.5 kmpl , it suzuki hayate shoccer in fron and back it has capicity of 8.9 lt of petrol tankit accesories cost only 2500. which has 1 tire free

  • Rajesh

    I am confused which could be better. I am looking for a scooter whih can be used by my wife as well. Can somebody suggest.

  • anas

    I think access 125 is better than activa in quality,comfort,suspension…..etc.
    access is good choice it have 125 cc more pwerful engine, better pickup and mileage about 50to 55 and cost around 53000
    activa 110 cc , mileage 40-45 , cost is 55000
    NOW you decide………. what’s better ??????
    I like access……..

  • Chris

    Hi please suggest me which scooter to choose between suzuki access 125 or Honda active based upon value for money ,mileage , durablility ,performance.
    please lte me know immediately

  • Bosco

    hi i Plan to buy either of the scooter pls advice which one to buy between honda activa & suzuki access 125 based upon perfomance , value for money,mileage & durability
    please advice immediately

  • Avinash

    Hi I am confused between honda activa and suzuki access 125,can anyone help me to decide which one is better.

  • Bejoy

    Simply i prefer Suzuki Access 125, if you worth the value that you pay.

  • Ashok Ray

    Access is far better in terms of pick up and engine performance. It is ideal for cities when we need better pickup in signals.

  • Kamal

    Next month i am planning to booked scooter for my Dad, so users of Activa and access please advice me, Which is better. for less maintenance and mileages.


    I have both vehicles. Overall I will prefer access over activa

  • Jayakrishna

    Hi, Iam planning to purchase honda aviator. So please tell me about its advantages and disadvantages comparing to suzuki access125 ?

  • Priyanka

    @Nilesh: Could you tell us which Activa model do you have? Also, why do you prefer the Access 125 over Activa? I am myself looking to buy either of these tomorrow… and I guess I like both vehicles equally well, except I have heard Access gives lesser mileage than Activa.. What has your experience been?

  • dpdaniel

    Would like a review between Access 125 and Activa post usage of 2 years. Which is more durable and less maint?

  • prasad

    My dad have a back pain problem now he is riding herohonda passion he could not able to kick start…so am planning to buy him byke which has less weight. .ans smooth ride doesn’t hurt his back..suggest am planning to buy tid new year 2014.


    i love to drive suzuki swish its very very better than activa, aviator, wego and jupitar

  • Anto

    Guys Please reply me what are the de merits and disadvantages of Activa new 125 step up