Surprise!! New Ather Electric Scooter With More Power Details Leaked; Gen 4 Maybe??

Next-Gen Ather 450 electric scooter could be in the works inside the company’s walls with more power & revised dimensions…

We always knew that electric mobility is the future and will be adopted very quickly – but we never thought that the push from the industry to offer the latest & best electric scooters to the customers will be so hard. 

It has only been two months that Ather Energy launched their Gen-3 450 X & 450 Plus electric scooter in the market with improved batteries, power and range.  Now, thanks to a leaked document, it appears that Ather’s next-gen electric scooters might not be too far away. 

Next-Gen Ather Electric Scooter Details Leaked – More Power, Changes in Dimension

Thanks to an online portal, we have a leaked NCT type approval document for new electric scooters from Ather. The leaked document is bearing the date of September 21 – indicating that the documentation process was completed a few weeks ago.

The document also mentions the electric scooter’s name as ‘450X’ meaning that the new electric scooter will be based around the current 450 range. 

Let’s take a look at what all the NCT type approval document has revealed – 

Battery – 

  • The updated 450X electric scooter will get a bigger 3.66 kWh Li-ion battery pack, compared to the 2.6 kWh unit of Gen-2.
  • The Battery Chemistry/Type will be a Li-ion pack based on Nickel-Cobalt base.
  • The Battery Capacity will be 74 Ah. 
  • The Battery Mass will be 22 kg – up from the previous 19 kg in Gen-3.

Motor, Range & Power –

  • The Motor Type will be – 3-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (Mono).
  • The Motor will come with 2 settings – Setting-1 & Setting-2 – suggesting two variants of the ecooter.
  • Setting-1 will have 5 riding modes – Warp, Sport, Ride, Smart Eco & Eco. 
  • The Maximum power output in Setting-1 will be 6.4 kW (8.6 HP), Sustained power will be 3.1 kW (4.2 HP) and Minimum power will be 1 kW (1.3 HP).
  • Setting-2 will only have 4 riding modes – Sport, Ride, Smart Eco and Eco. 
  • The Maximum Power in Setting-2 will be 5.8 kW (7.8 HP), Sustained and Minimum power being the same at 3.1 kW (4.2 HP) and 1 kW (1.3 HP) respectively. 
  • The Range in Setting-1 is claimed to be 146 km, while in Setting-2 will be 108 km
  • The Maximum power, Sustained power & Minimum power will be controlled by the various power modes offered on the electric scooters.

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Dimensions – 

  • There will be some changes in the overall dimensions of the 450X electric scooter, according to the leaked document. 
  • The Overall Length remains the same at 1837 mm.
  • The Wheelbase has also been lengthened by 1 mm, and now measures 1296 mm.
  • Similarly, the Overall Height has decreased by 136 mm, and measures 1114 mm.
  • The Width, however, is increased by 5 mm and stands at 739mm.

As we have stated above, the Setting-1 and Setting-2 options mentioned in the document will be the variants of the Ather 450 electric scooters. 

The model carrying Setting-1 could be the updated flagship model 450X. And the model carrying Setting-2 could be the lower-spec 450 Plus model. Hence, the riding modes & power figures are different. 

There have been reports that Ather might be working on a smaller and more affordable electric scooter – on similar lines as Ola Electric who are poised to launch a new affordable S1 electric scooter on October 22 at their Diwali launch event. 

More power and tweaked dimensions for the new electric scooter – It will be interesting to see what Ather have up their sleeves…

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