Super Meteor Beats 650 Twins Combined in Last 3 Month Sales

In an interesting Super Meteor vs 650 Twins sales comparison, the lanky cruiser has beaten its siblings in the last three months sales data we have…

Royal Enfield expanded its 650 range with the introduction of the Super Meteor 650 which is a tall, lanky cruiser that is now also the flagship motorcycle in the company’s portfolio.

Available between Rs 3.5 Lakh to almost 4 Lakh, the Super Meteor sits higher up in the line-up and costs more than both the Interceptor 650 as well as the Continental GT 650. Interestingly, despite the price premium, the cruiser has beaten both the 650 Twins in terms of sales, combined! Here are the numbers..

Super Meteor vs 650 Twins – Sales

MonthSuper Meteor650 Twins
July 202315931259
August 20231104550
September 202320391280
*These are official wholesale numbers

As you can see, the Super Meteor has sold a total of 4736 units in the last three months whereas the 650 Twins have managed 3089 unit sales in the same period. Which means that the cruiser has beaten both – the cafe racer as well as the roadster combined by a difference of 1647 units.

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super meteor vs 650 twins

This could either be due to the fact that Royal Enfield may have dedicated the production line to the Super Meteor over the Twins in anticipation, or it could be due to the possibility of the actual demand that the cruiser may have generated being a completely new motorcycle in the market.

It is too early to comment on these numbers now, but Royal Enfield must be happy with the initial traction a near Rs 4 lakh motorcycle has received. And if the Super Meteor actually ends up creating higher sales than the relatively cheaper Twins on a continuous basis, it would give the company a lot of confidence in the various twin cylinder motorcycles it is already testing on the roads…