End of the Road for the Controversial But Very Potent HIMALAYAN 411!

Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 discontinued! It will be replaced by the much more modern Himalayan 452, however, Scram 411 will continue in the market…

Royal Enfield ventured into the world of adventure motorcycling with the introduction of the Himalayan in 2016. The company adopted a very basic and clean design approach and the end result was a pleasing-all styling.

But before the world could see the actual potential of the ADV, insane number of issues started to crop up and just to let you know the magnitude of the problem – many bikers posted pics of Himalayans broken into two pieces! That was clearly a negligence of the QC team in the company and facing huge backlash, Royal Enfield had to withdraw the bike from the market for a brief period.

The good news was that the subsequent versions were much better in quality and it is then the true potential of the motorcycle started to make noise. I have ridden the ADV and it is an absolute cracker minus the niggles. The problem, however, did not end here as bikers who loved roaming around the world were consistent with their reporting of the lack of power that was very evident specially on the long roads.

himalayan 411 discontinued
This is the new Himalayan 452 that is based on an all new modern platform…

It is then Royal Enfield started working on an all new Himalayan that has just been unveiled and it will be launched in the market in the coming few weeks. The new Himalayan 452 is an all new motorcycle and the company says that it hasn’t taken a nut from the older model.

The good news is that a much more potent Himalayan (which is based on absolute modern machinery unlike the old-school 411) is coming soon but the not so good news is that the Himalayan 411 – that started it all, is seeing its last few days in the market.

New Himalayan 452 Churns Highest Torque; Specs OUT

Yes, the Himalayan 411 will be discontinued from the market as soon as the 452 makes its way here, leaving thousands of old-school fans disheartened. But the Chennai based maker has decided to continue selling its Scram 411 that is based on the Himalayan 411; and it will be here for a long time.

Do you think the older Himalayan could have lived as a barebone model at the very bottom end of the portfolio, may be at an ex-showroom price of 1.99 Lac, or lesser?