New Himalayan 452 Churns Highest Torque; Specs OUT

Official Himalayan 452 specs reveal some very interesting details about this thoroughly modern engine and the overall motorcycle…

So finally, we have the official specifications of the upcoming new Himalayan 452 and mannn.. Royal Enfield seems to have hit the bulls eye, at least on paper. And considering the prowess of the Himalayan 411, we can safely assume that all of this will be even more effective on the real grounds!

Himalayan 452 Specs & Details

First up, there is an all-new 452cc, single cylinder, DOHC unit that has a bore x stroke of 84mm x 81.55 mm. Yes, unlike the older Himalayan that had a long stroke motor, Royal Enfield, has, for some reason, resorted to an oversquare or a short-stroke engine for the big Himalayan. And yes, it is a modern, liquid cooled motor!

Talking about the outputs, the motor churns a very healthy 40.02 PS of peak power and whopping 40 Nm of maximum torque. While that power figure should sort the deficit of the older Himalayan’s lacklustre highway performance, that torque figure is the highest for any single cylinder motorcycle on sale in India. But, here is a caveat! The peak power comes at 8000 rpm and max torque is produced at 5500 rpm – 1500 rpm higher for power and 1000 rpm higher for torque as compared to the older Himalayan 411.

Now this is where the difference of a long stroke and short stroke engine may have come into play. Purely on specs terms, I believe the new Himalayan may be a scorcher in mid and high rpms but it may not…. just may not be as good as the older 411 at absolute bottom end – a trait very much needed specially during off-roads. It will be very interesting to see how Royal Enfield has tuned this motor.

Apart from this, the new engine comes paired with a 6-speed gearbox – again a first first any single cylinder Royal Enfield. This should result in a relaxed highway cruising along with good fuel economy. There are 43mm Showa USDs at the front with 200 mm travel and a monoshock at the rear with a higher 200 mm travel.

himalayan 452 specs

While the front rubber remains the same spec 90/90-19 inches, the rear is a fatter 140/80-17 incher. On the dimensions front, the new Himalayan 452 is a bigger motorcycle in all aspects. It has a wheelbase of 1510mm, length of 2245 mm, width of 852mm and height of 1316 mm.

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Even the already impressive ground clearance has been further raised to 230 mm which should bring a smile on the faces of all you off-road nerds. But this has also meant a higher stock seat height of 825 mm. However, Royal Enfield understands the Indian junta and it is offering three different seat heights ranging from 805mm to 845 mm.

At 17 liters, the new Himalayan can hold extra petrol and despite being bigger, it still tips the scale at a lesser 196 kilos.

This is a remarkably bigger and better Himalayan that Royal Enfield has come up with. However, the added kit will also reflect in the pricing of the motorcycle that will be revealed on 7th November. Let us see how low can the Chennai based maker keep the tag…