Steelbird SA-2 (2-in-1) Helmet Launched at ₹4500; Keeps You Warm

Steelbird SA2 2-in-1 helmets come with extra padding and liner to keep the rider warm during winter rides…

Steelbird Hi-Tech India, who claim to be Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturer, have launched their SA-2 range of helmets in India. These helmets feature a 2-in-1 styling specifically designed to ease riding during the winter season. 

steelbird sa2 2-in-1 helmets

Steelbird SA-2 Winter Helmets:

  • These helmets feature BIS (IS 4151:2015) certification.
  • The SA-2 (2-in-1) helmets features a winter padding liner which is aimed to keep the rider warm in winters while riding.
  • It gets two interiors which are season specific.
  • The Winter interior padding is made up of soft and warm fleece material. 
  • The Winter interior padding can be switched out during the seasonal change and Summer lining can be used during the warm weather, which comes with the helmet itself. 
  • Both the season specific interior padding are washable ensuring better hygiene. 
  • These helmets also feature a detachable waterproof neck pad with zip, which is aimed to block the cold air during winters.
  • The Visor of these helmets are made of Polycarbonate (PC) and are coated with  anti-scratch and anti-fog coating to reduce the risk of accidents during winters. 
  • There are three sizes available – Medium – 580mm, Large – 600mm and XL – 620mm.
  • The Price of these helmets start from Rs. 4499/-.
steelbird sa2 2-in-1 helmets


At that price we expect the helmet to have some reliable safety rating like DOT, ECE, etc, however, there is nothing that has been mentioned by the maker.

The Steelbird SA-2 (2-in-1) range of helmets are available at all of their outlets and on their official website.

You can also buy Steelbird helmets at Amazon at good discounts.