Now Take Calls, Listen to Music Through Steelbird’s New Face Shield

COVID-19 is extracting the best out of makers! Steelbird has launched a handsfree face shield which lets you take calls without touching your phone!

Asia’s largest helmet manufacturer – Steelbird Helmets, has just launched a first-of-a-kind static face shield. Now, you might be wondering what’s so special about it, as there are several face shields already available in the market?

If that is what you are thinking, then let me tell you that there are a lot of things that make this shield unique. Called as IGN-1 HF, it is the first-ever hands-free shield that lets you connect your mobile phone to it.

The company claims that mobile phones are one of the reasons for the spread of the coronavirus, as it is not possible to disinfect the screen of the mobile at frequent intervals. In such a case, this device surely helps, as you can connect it to your phone, and take calls on the shield without touching the phone.

Handsfree Face Shield

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Not only calls, but you can also use this shield to listen to music. Apart from that, the Steelbird face shield also serves its primary purpose of protecting people from the novel coronavirus – COVID-19.

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Steelbird has priced this face shield at Rs 1,879 per unit. The company claims that it has already produced around 6,00,000 units of the device, and plans to produce another 1,00,000 units in the coming three months.

-Moin Ahmed