SPIED: Next-Gen 390 Duke Spotted Benchmarking With Current Models

Latest Next-Gen 390 Duke spy pics suggest that the bike could be undergoing final testing & benchmarking and may debut soon…

So, We have consistently been reporting on the fact that the next-gen KTM Dukes are in their final stages of testing overseas and one of the next-gen Duke test-bikes is also spotted being evaluated on our highways, fully camouflaged

Now, after weeks of no update, an avid biker has shared a video of the next-gen 390 Duke being evaluated on our city roads, wading through our traffic. However, the most interesting fact in this video is that the test-bike is being benchmarked by not one, but two current-gen Dukes. 

Next-Gen KTM 390 Duke Spotted Benchmarking With Current-Gen Dukes

So thanks to Arya Deshmukh, we see the upcoming KTM 390 Duke test-bike wading through our city traffic and trying ti to keep up with the accompanying 2 current-gen Duke motorcycles. 

Just like the test-bike that was spotted a few months ago, this test-bike was also completely covered in camouflage and was littered with various wires and sensors covering the whole length of the bike, even the rider. 

However, the new-gen bike running along with the current-gen models suggests that the new Dukes are very close to the production state and are undergoing some final testing & benchmarking requirements. 

Next-Gen 390 Duke spy pics

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Furthermore, the benchmarking also allows to have a better look and get the idea of how the new Dukes will differ from the current models – 

  • The most prominent change we can make out is how low the rider is sitting on the new bike. 
  • This suggests that either the seat height has been lowered on the new bike or that the design of the bike has been tweaked to make the rider sit lower on the bike.
  • The rear section has received some changes – the tail section looks bigger & the 2 vertical LED tail-lights have been swapped for a single broad tail-light unit.
  • Moving along, another prominent change is the rear suspension & swingarm
  • The new bike now sports a new curved swingarm & the rear spring is now placed offset, in line with the swingarm – which means it will have direct interaction with the swingarm movements.
  • The rider’s seating posture seems to be similar to the current models, but the rider appears sitting a little lower on the bike, rather than on top of the bike.
  • The overall design of the new Dukes is now closer to the design of the bigger 1290 Super Duke flagship motorcycle – which means the bike has now a bigger street presence and looks beefier
  • The Tank appears to be broader and muscular and the tank shrouds are now longer and extends all the way to the front USD forks.
Next-Gen 390 Duke spy pics
  • The biggest change, which will make the new-gen Dukes stand apart will be the design change of the front.
  • Coupled with extended tank shrouds, the headlight unit has become more angular and has grown a bezel which will be carrying a contrasting colour scheme.

These are a few of the changes we were able to make out from the short video and images we have captured from it. 

Another major detail we know is that KTM have been working on a new engine which will be introduced on the new 390 Duke and they have working on this unit for a while at their R&D centre back in Austria. 

Details about the engine numbers and its characteristics are still in the dark, however, looking at the state of the test-bike, we don’t think we will have to wait long for the new models to make their debut. 

It is highly expected that the new Duke range will be showcased at the 2022 edition of the EICMA show in Milan scheduled for mid-November.

Source – Arya Deshmukh & Powedrift