Spied: Is This The Next-Gen Bajaj Pulsar 125 Being Tested??

Next-Gen Bajaj Pulsar test-bike is spotted on our roads… does look heavily inspired from the bigger 250 siblings…

So, with the launch of the Pulsar F250 and N250 last year, Bajaj brought the iconic Pulsar name into the new generation, which is now all set to bring new products on this newly introduced platform. 

Recently we reported that some documents have surfaced which tells us that Bajaj have received the trademark for two names under the Pulsar moniker – Pulsar Elan and Pulsar Eleganz. 

And now, we have our first glimpse of probably the next Pulsar offering from the company…

New Bajaj Pulsar Test-bike Spy-image

Thanks to an online portal, we have hands on an image of the alleged first smaller displacement Pulsar being tested on our roads. 

This heavily camouflaged test-bike has been spotted testing in Chakan, just outside Pune, where Bajaj have their R&D and manufacturing plant. The camouflaged wrapping makes it very difficult to understand the design language and pin-point the finer details of the bike being tested, but there are some indications that this bike actually is a smaller-displacement Pulsar. 

The most prominent feature on the test-bike that nearly confirms its Pulsar lineage is the headlight unit. The headlight unit with a single projector headlamp is very similar to the unit fitted on the Pulsar F250. Moving along the length of the body, some design elements are very similar to the 250 siblings like the side-panels, the belly-pan and the panels on the fuel-tank which extends towards the front forks. It is also whispered that the tail-lamp also features the split design very reminiscent of the Pulsars. 

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Now, let’s talk about some hints that point us to the fact that it could be a small-displacement Pulsar, probably a 125 cc. 

The first is the estimation of the size of the engine powering the test-bike. Hard to actually understand the size just from an image, but the engine casing does look a tad smaller, suggesting that it could be either a 125 cc or an 150 cc power-unit. The said engine doesn’t appear to have an oil-cooling system fitted in front of it, again suggesting that the displacement will be smaller, not requiring advanced heat management. The appearance of the toe-and-heel shifter, which is only used on the 125 cc Pulsar, also hints that the bike is using a small displacement engine. 

This is probably our first glimpse of the next-gen Pulsar in the making, but it raises our curiosity and forces us to ask many questions…

Is this the Elanz or the Eleganz?? When is it scheduled to launch?? How far in development is this bike?? Will it have one model or more than one like the 250 siblings??

Stay Tuned… We will report more on this as we get more details…