Is Bajaj Planning To Launch New Pulsars Soon??; Trademarks New Names

Bajaj have received the trademark for a new name few days ago… Could this be a new product or series of products???

So, the launch of the new Pulsar twins – F250 & N250 – last year marked the moment for the company where they stepped into the new era. Their partnership with KTM, and the products that spawned from it, somewhere lost the character and charm of the Indian brand which, to us, has always been ‘Hamara Bajaj’. 

Though three years late, the new Pulsars point to the fact that the real Bajaj is making their comeback. 

And after launching the new-gen 250 Pulsars, Bajaj is planning to bring a new series of motorcycles under the Pulsar moniker. We are saying this because recently Bajaj Auto have received the trademark for the name ‘Pulsar Eleganz’ and ‘Pulsar Elan’ which could be the name of the next product or series of products. 

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Looking at the document closely, we see that the trademark was granted to Bajaj Auto on 25th of April. The date of application for the trademark by the company was 4th of March for ‘Pulsar Eleganz’ name. 

The ‘Pulsar Elan’ name was applied for trademark on 3rd of March. And currently is in the ‘Marked For Exam’ stage of evaluation by the authority.

So, naturally, the question arises – Is Bajaj ‘Pulsar Eleganz’ and ‘Pulsar Elan’ names of new products or names for series of products??

It is very difficult to predict what these names could be used for with the limited information we have at present. Maybe Bajaj is planning to add lower capacity Pulsar models and could be using these names as internal codenames of these models. Or these could be the names of a new platform for Pulsar motorcycles which could have various capacity models in it..

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Another fact that supports our theory is the fact that Mr. Rajiv Bajaj himself shared the information that the company is working on One ICE platform, and the rest will be electric. This announcement was made back in December of last year when the company inaugurated their new manufacturing plant at Akurdi, Pune in Maharashtra. 

So, could this be the only new ICE product and/or series of products that Bajaj is working on?? Or are we reading too much into it and the new name could just be something else??

So many questions… Stay Tuned… While we hunt for answers…