New-Gen Bajaj Pulsars F250 & N250 Gets Second Price Hike Since Launch

The Bajaj Pulsar twins have received their second hike since the launch… They are now Rs. 2k costlier than before…

So, After Hero MotoCorp, HMSI, Yamaha India and Royal Enfield, Bajaj Auto doesn’t want to feel left out and have bumped the price of the new-gen Pulsar F250 & N250. 

Bajaj Pulsar F250 & N250 New Prices April 2022

Pulsar N250 2022

The new-gen Pulsars have received a second price hike since their launch in October 2022. 

In the most recent one, the F250 and the N250 have received an equal hike of Rs. 2,765/-

Pulsar ModelOld PriceDifferenceNew Price (ex-showroom)
F250Rs. 1,40,915/-Rs. 2,765/-Rs. 1,43,680/-
N250Rs. 1,39,117/-Rs. 2,765/-Rs. 1,41,882/-

The F250 is now priced at Rs. 1,43,680/- (ex-showroom). While the N250 naked Pulsar is asking Rs. 1,41,882/- (ex-showroom). 

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New-Gen Pulsar F250 and N250 Price hike Timeline

2022 pulsar 250 launched

Looking at the timeline, the two new-gen Pulsar models were launched at Rs. 1,40,000/- for the F250 and Rs. 1,38,000/- for N250, all (ex-showroom). 

Pulsar ModelsPriceOctober 2021PriceFebruary 2022Price April 2022CumulativeHike
F250Rs. 1,40,000/-Rs. 1,40,915/-Rs. 1,43,680/-Rs. 3,680/-
N250Rs. 1,38,000/-Rs. 1,39,117/-Rs. 1,41,882/-Rs. 3,882/-

The first price took place in February 2022 which made the F250 Rs. 915/- costlier while the N250 got expensive by Rs. 1,117/- 

Now in April 2022, both the models have become Rs. 2,765/- more expensive. 

Adding the hikes up, the Pulsar F250 has become Rs. 3,680/- expensive since the launch while the N250’s price has jumped Rs. 3,882/- since the launch. 

Again, other than the price hikes, Bajaj have brought no other changes to the two motorcycles visually or mechanically.