Over 9000 Units of Speed 400 Dispatched; 10,000 Discount Still Applicable

Speed 400 total deliveries will soon reach and surpass this figure of 9000 as these many motorcycles units have reached dealers…

Triumph, which ventured in the smaller motorcycle space by partnering with Bajaj, introduced two motorcycles – Speed 400 and Scrambler 400X in the Indian market in July 2023. The Speed 400 was launched first and it received a bumper response and around end July Bajaj, which is taking care of the manufacturing and distribution of these motorcycles, informed that it had then received over 17,000 bookings.

The Speed was to go to production first and it was to be manufactured at the same Bajaj plant where it also makes the KTMs. The production capacity was to be settled at 5000 units in a few months. Bajaj also informed that it can also make more based on the demand. First dispatches of the Speed 400 to dealerships commenced by end-July. The next question – how many have been delivered?

We do not have the direct answer to this question yet but at the recent media ride of the Scrambler 400X, Bajaj informed that it had shipped over 9000 units of the roadster to dealerships. Many of the first bookers have received their motorcycles and the remaining ones will get their steads soon.

speed 400 total deliveries
Click pic to know differences between Speed and Scrambler 400X

It must be noted that Triumph promised a discount of Rs 10,000 for the first 10,000 deliveries – which means all those who will be getting the motorcycle, will still receive it at that 2.23 Lakh ex-showroom tag and the original price of Rs 2.33 Lac hasn’t still come into effect. So, if the dealer is billing you for that full price, show this news snippet and ask for a discount!

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Bookings of the Scrambler 400X were also being taken along with the Speed and the motorcycle has recently been officially launched at Rs 2.63 Lakh – about Rs 30,000 more than the roadster sibling. Bajaj has promised its deliveries by the end of this month.

Now that the maker appears to have settled down with the new Triumph motorcycles and their production, expect a ramp up soon and together with the Scrambler 400X, the production may surpass that initially planned 5000 unit a month mark.