RE Announces Limited Edition Helmets on its 120th Anniversary

Special edition RE anniversary helmets will be introduced in batches of two every week. The co intends to celebrate its 120 year heritage with them…

Royal Enfield is celebrating its 120th anniversary. To make it special the company has unveiled an exclusive range of limited-edition helmets.

This range of helmets consists of 12 designs, each inspired by a
poster/advertorial from one of the twelve decades of the brand’s legacy.

re anniversary helmets

The range consists of both – open face as well as full face helmets. The open-face helmets will be sold for INR 6,950 and full-face helmets will be priced at INR 8,450. Interested customers can register on the brand’s official website to purchase these special edition helmets.

Each helmet is hand-painted and only 120 units of each design have been made. With these helmets, Royal Enfield wants to display its resilience, purposeful longevity, and authenticity which the brand has managed to carve throughout its 120-year journey.

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These special edition helmets from Royal Enfield will carry triple certification – ISI, DOT, and ECE. The company promises to offer premium internals, leather trims, and a sun visor along with safety and protection.

For the next six weeks, every week Royal Enfield will launch two helmet designs, one each on Monday and Wednesday.

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Sale of those models will go live on Saturday and Sunday at 12 PM respectively. Each helmet design will bear a unique number starting 001/120 till 120/120.

The helmet packaging will also consist of an actual poster/advertorial artwork with the story inspiration for that design.