The Indian automotive scene is trying hard to reach its former glory. The comeback process has already started but it is far from its prime. The two-wheeler industry has been getting some interesting trends. The roller coaster ride of the Pulsars has been legendary. Yes people may have countless inhibitions against them but ‘Hamara Bajaj’ usually comes out with its head high.


We have got hold of individual September sales of most of the bikes sold in India directly from SIAM. And hence, in the upcoming few articles we will be sharing some real interesting number crunching.

Well, here’s an interesting trend which has come up. Here is a list of all the motorcycles with an engine displacement greater than 150cc (it should actually be 155cc) band equal to or less than 200cc.

  1. Pulsar 180
  2. Pulsar 200NS
  3. Duke 200 (RC200 has just come in)
  4. Apache RTR 160
  5. Apache RTR 180
  6. Suzuki Gixxer

*Classification by SIAM

In the time period between April to September 2014, the segment saw a combined domestic sales and exports of 2,66,126 units as compared to 1,97,184 units last year. Out of these 1,53,431 units were sold in India (1,13,936 units last year) and 1,17,126 were exported (88,014 last year). Well progressing certainly yes, but the surprise is still in store.

This segment saw 1,37,118 units of Apaches rolling out from TVS facilities, while the combined production of KTM Duke 200, Pulsar 180 and Pulsar 200NS stood at 1,24,313 units. For the month of September, KTMs and Pulsars combined sold 25,523 units when Apache brothers managed 24,292 units.

Motorcycle Sales Report September 2014

Motorcycle Sales 155-200cc
Total Sales September Total Sales During April to Sep Period Domestic Sales Apr-Sep 2014-15 Exports Apr-Sep 2014-15
Bikes Sep-13 Sep-14 Apr-Sep 2013-14 Apr-Sep 2014-15
Pulsar 180 + Pulsar 200NS + Duke 200 22,595 25,523 104,824 124,313 53,335 73,727
Gixxer 0 4695 0 4,695 4,462 275
Apache 160 + Apache 180 17,043 24,292 92,360 137,118 95,634 43,124
Total 39,638 54,510 197,184 266,126 153,431 117,126


Key Pointers to Note:

Total Production sales (including domestics and exports)

  • So, the most interesting bit coming out is that TVS pips all other manufacturers between the 155 to 200cc segment with their Apaches in cumulative sales till September.
  • However, for the month of September, the Bajaj’s trio outsold the Apache twins by a little over 1000 units
  • Gixxer sold 4695 units last month
  • In cumulative sales, the trio of Pulsar 200NS, Pulsar 180 and Duke 200 snapped the second position and trails by about 13000 units.
  • It must be borne in mind that between Bajaj, KTM and TVS products, Apache 160 is the most affordable and hence more volume churning.
  • Also note that this does not include Pulsar 135, Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 220 sales.

Pulsar-200NS-Pic-Review (16)

Total Domestic sales (excluding exports)

  • If we exclude exports, the Apache siblings clearly beat P180, P200NS, Duke 200 in both cumulative sales as well as individual sales for the September month.

Total Export sales (excluding domestic markets)

  • If we consider only exports than Bajaj is getting stronger and pips the TVS by a handsome margin.
  • Suzuki is also exporting their Gixxer to some neighbouring markets and they exported 275 units in the month of September 2014.

Upcoming Bike Launches in this Segment

Things may change track very soon though, considering the fact that from next month RC200 will also add in some units, plus we have the Pulsar 200SS in the pipeline. However, the significant change will come when Bajaj launches the new Pulsar 150NS which is speculated to come with a 160cc engine. The Gixxer is also expected to pick up pace. But TVS is not sitting pretty, they are also working on new Apache facelifts which will be launched in the market soon.

Next up, we will take the other segments like the 125-150cc and the higher ones like the 200-250cc etc. Keep tuned

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  • Julian Bennet

    Nice numbers for the Indian manufacturers. Might as well include the P150 sales.

  • Reeto

    TVS is a silent player as compared to Bajaj-KTM. However, the Apache is a brand to reckon with and that’s clearly visible in the sales numbers. TVS can do lots to improve the Apache, better tyres to begin with. Also the Apache engine needs re-working in terms of refinement, or simply using rubber mounts would do great to control engine vibes.

  • ashutosh

    Neelanjan Chakraborty .. your future as a auto journalist is almost over if you keep writing such low standard articles.

    • Syed Shiraz Shah

      Mr. ‘Bejaan’ Daaruwala, you may take your future-prediction-business elsewhere; we take constructive feedback seriously, but we, for sure, avoid unsubstantiated criticism. So, thanks, but no thanks!

      • ashutosh

        Your job is to report news and not create news.
        and besides this there are other pulsar variants like 220 cc. so deriving any kind of logic is mere wasting your time and others time also.