Speculation: Pulsar 150NS May Get More Powerful 160cc Engine

So, it seems there is a surprise brewing up at Bajaj’s headquarters! The speculative news is that the new Pulsar 150NS that has been caught testing many a times earlier may sport a bigger 160cc engine according to shifting-gears.com. The upcoming motorcycle was spotted by them being tested in Lonavala, Maharashtra. However, they have not mentioned how they arrived at this conclusion or whether the company test rider divulged these details…

Pulsar 150NS

Still, more cubes are always welcome and if this report is true a bigger engine will always serve better in justifying the price difference between the ‘regular’ Pulsar 150 and the Pulsar 150NS (or 160NS). Also, as we have told you earlier, like the bigger 200NS, the engine in the smaller bike will get three spark plugs for combustion but won’t have an oil-cooler like its bigger sibling.

Pulsar 150NS seats

They also say the test bike was doing around 60 kmph with a pillion rider on hill inclines, which strongly hints at a good amount of torque for the class. So, more than the upfront increased power figures of the new the engine, Bajaja may be working on enhanced torque of something around 13.5-14 Nm.

Nothing seems to have changed cosmetically ever since the first spy shots surfaced on the web, and the youngest Pulsar NS will come with split seats, underbelly exhaust, rear monoshock, LED taillight, and 200 NS’s instrument console.

Pulsar 150NS silencer

This looks like that the motorcycle is almost production ready, however, as we have told you earlier, Bajaj doesn’t intend to launch it anyway around or before Diwali. The Pulsar 200SS is what is expected to come earlier, possibly sometime this month or a little later. So, its a lot of aces Bajaj has up its sleeves, let’s wait and watch, how do they play their games…

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