India’s First Self Balancing Scooter Liger X Unveiled; Launch by Mid 2023

Liger X launch and deliveries will commence later this year. It will be a very interesting addition to the electric scooter portfolio that is on offer right now in our market…

So the Auto Expo 2023 has begun and electric makers are out there going all guns blazing. Liger Mobility has introduced what it calls as the world’s first AutoBalancing electric scooters called as Liger X and Liger X+.

The Liger X will have the ability to self-balance itself when at standstill or at lower speeds. This feature will go to standby as soon as the rider picks up speed. The user will also have the option of turning AutoBalance tech off (even for low speeds). This, the company says, will enhance safety and comfort of the rider and offer an experience never seen on any other 2-wheeler yet!

A feather in the hat for Liger is that the X’s AutoBalancing tech has been designed in-house in India – both hardware and software – offering a big boost to Make in India initiative.

liger x launch

Coming to the vitals – the X will have a top speed of 65 kph and a range of 60 km on full charge. The X+ will have the same top speed but a higher range of 100 km. Company claimed charging time for the X (which comes with a detachable battery) is under 3 hours whereas the X+ (it gets a non-detachable battery) will take 4.5 hours for an optimum charge. Liger adds that it will offer Fast charging options for both the scooters at an additional charge.

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Other key features of Liger X include 4G and GPS functionality, live location traceability, ride history along with smart alerts like Accident, Tow, service reminder, etc. In addition the X+ will also get turn-by-turn navigation and the rider can also view phone calls and messages on the TFT display.

Liger will launch both the scooter variants by mid of 2023 and deliveries are set to commence later in the year. You can show your interest in the scooter at the company’s website. For more details and how self-balancing works, you can check out the brand video below..