Triumph Scrambler 400X & Speed 400 ENGINE – Quick Details

We talk about the Scrambler 400X and Speed 400 engine and its details. Does that motor have any resemblance with KTM’s 373?

Triumph’s all-new 400s have been received phenomenally well – at least the first 2-3 days interest levels suggest so. We have shared the first hand details of the duo – Speed 400 and Scrambler 400X – in a few articles earlier, today let us quickly shed some light on the all-important motor that will be powering the new Triumph’s modern classics.

Scrambler 400X & Speed 400 Engine

It is a near 400cc motor that displaces 398.15 cc precisely from one single cylinder that comes with DLC coatings for friction reduction. It is an oversquare, short-stroke engine that has a bore of 89 mm and stroke of 64 mm and comes with concealed liquid cooling (there are machined cooling fins). The peak power output is a very healthy 40 PS that comes at 8000 rpm and the maximum torque that this motor generates is, again, very impressive 37.5 Nm that is achieved at 6500 rpm.

This is close to KTM/Bajaj’s 373cc motor of the 390 Duke and Dominar 400 and in fact the bore is same 89 mm. However, the 373cc is a firecracker and not really an engine to go to motorcycles that should have plenty of low and mid range – and where higher end is not a big requirement. It will be interesting to see the upcoming 390 Duke’s specs as it is touted to get a bigger engine (rumors have it that it could displace close to 400cc).

Speed 400 Engine

Triumph claims that this is an all-new TR-Series engine and it has repeatedly said that the focus was on tractability and low-speed performance. It comes with a 4-valve set-up and dual overhead camshaft that, Triumph again claims, ‘has been perfectly weighted and balanced to optimize inertia for low-speed rideability‘.

A 6-speed gearbox spreads all the engine power and Triumph says that it has selected the ratios carefully to bring the most out of this motor. All of this is packed in neat, trademark powder coated casings – that are completely different from both the Dominar and Duke.

The Speed 400 exceeds in both power and torque numbers when compared with rival classic motorcycles like the Royal Enfield’s 350s, Honda’s CBs as well as the Jawas and Yezdis. All of this makes me more inquisitive and extremely excited to ride and understand this new engine. I shall be swinging my leg over the roadster on the 10th of July. Stay tuned for all the real-world info then…

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