3 States Where Royal Enfield Registered Heaviest Sales Fall

Royal Enfield’s sales have been a worry for the last many months for the brand. Let us, in this story, highlight what are the states where the brand is losing out the maximum…

Royal Enfield has had a real bad time at the sales charts. It is down by almost 1 Lakh units or 23 percent in the first half of this financial year’s numbers. Let us break it down and see which states are the biggest worry for the oldest motorcycle maker (in continuous production).

Royal Enfield’s Sales

The top five states for Royal Enfield in the first half of financial year 2019 were..

Uttar Pradesh46,054
Tamil Nadu42,380

In comparison, top five states for Royal Enfield in the first half of this fiscal are..

Uttar Pradesh43,367
Tamil Nadu26,658

If you notice, Delhi is gone from the list and that is because it registered a massive decline in sales for the brand. Here is a list of the top states (and UTs) where Royal Enfield lost heavily..

Delhi46.8 %
Tamil Nadu37.1 %
Gujarat31.8 %

*sales data courtesy SIAM

As a result of this free fall, with sales of only 15,115 units, Delhi fell to the eighth spot for the brand. Tamil Nadu lost more units (15,722) than Delhi’s total sales for the 6-month period. Gujarat fell from 16,304 units of 1HFY19 to 11,112 units 1HFY20.

Royal Enfield has been a brand which has set benchmarks for others to follow. It was almost shielded from the infamous demonetisation period and many other makers have tried to invade its market share but unsuccessfully.

Royal Enfield's Sales
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Recently, company’s new head said that they have hit the bottom and will only move higher up in the months to come. He also said that the company will strive for double digit growth in the future (more details).

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On the other hand, rival Suzuki, which was also eyeing this space, said RE is suffering from brand fatigue and people are getting tired of its styling (more details).

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