BIG Turnaround: Suzuki Beats Yamaha, Royal Enfield; Enters Top 5 List in FY20

Royal Enfield vs Suzuki vs Yamaha sales – Here is a big turnaround in the 5th, 6th and 7th position in this year’s numbers!

It has been a terrible year for the 2-wheeler industry on all counts and we are talking about this even before factoring in the havoc the current COVID-19 pandemic is creating/will create. Because of sky-rocketing prices of 2-wheelers which were necessitated by various Government regulations along with the sliding economy, manufacturers have been reeling under tremendous pressure for the last 16 odd months as the buying sentiments are at a very low.

However, amidst all this, there has been one manufacturer which has managed to brave the storm – Suzuki! Against all odds, Suzuki has ended the year in green and in the process it becomes the only maker to show growth in yearly numbers – All the others are in red.

As a result of this, it has been rewarded a two rank jump in the highest selling 2-wheeler manufacturers list in India. It also enters the top 5 list for the first time. Let us share the numbers and see who stands where…

Suzuki vs Yamaha vs Royal Enfield – Sales

ManufacturerFY19 SalesFY20 Sales
Suzuki Motorcycles 6,68,7876,85,223
Royal Enfield8,05,2736,56,651
Suzuki vs Yamaha
Access is the biggest reason of Suzuki’s growing performance

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Here are a few quick pointers…

  • Suzuki was at the seventh spot in FY19 sales. It has jumped two places to the top five list in FY20 sales.
  • Suzuki gained 33.4 percent in FY19 and 2.46 percent in FY20.
  • On the other hand, Yamaha gained a marginal 1.5 percent in FY19 to close in on Royal Enfield, however, it dropped by whopping 28.02 percent in FY20 to end up at the seventh spot.
  • Royal Enfield also had a relatively flat year with sales increment of only 0.5 percent in FY19, and it ended up with a downfall of 18.46 percent in FY20. It dropped to the sixth place in the tally.
  • The success of Access has been the prime reason behind Suzuki’s rally as it forms a major portion of its monthly sales.

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With Suzuki trying to expand and focus on its motorcycles, it may further penetrate and do well in the market in this year’s numbers.