Royal Enfield Goes Shopping Dubai; Launches Exclusive Store

They have spoken about it in the past and are now pretty vocal in saying that they want to become the best mid-size motorcycle player in the world. And the pace at which they are moving, they look all set to conquer quite of lot of that quest.

In their bid, Royal Enfiled has launched an exclusive store in Dubai, UAE, which will house all the motorcycles they sell including the current flagship Continental GT, Rumbler (Thunderbird under a different name), Classic and Bullet.

The oldest Indian manufacturer has been shipping motorcycles to UAE since 2009 but this time they have gone full fledged. They have their partner Avanti Automobile Trading which has been given the charge to take care of the sales and distribution of Royal Enfield Motorcycles.

The 1924 sq ft showroom is located at Al Qouz Industrial Area 4 in Dubai and is said to be designed to echo ‘Pure Motorcycling’ and here is a picture to speak just that…


They also say that UAE has many players in the entry level and high end segments but the mid-size market has largely been ignored so far. This is where Royal Enfield will want to pitch in – as a provider of retro-stylish, affordable motorcycles which have got ample amount of power to ride around…

Back in India, Royal Enfield is busy preparing their Himalayan adventure motorcycle and has been caught testing a twin cylinder motor as well.