Jan 2022: Royal Enfield Exports Double; Domestic Sales Fall

Royal Enfield sales January 2022 – Numbers see contraction in domestic sales, however, focus on exports is paying results…

Royal Enfield sales number for the first month of 2022 are in. They continue to do good in exports sales. Same can’t be said about the domestic sales numbers which have shown a decline in January 2022. 

The Gross sales of Royal Enfield for January 2022 stood at 58,838 units, down 14.59% compared to 68,887 units sold in January 2021. 

Royal Enfield Sales January 2022

Year-over-Year Sales – 

Comparing the Domestic sales of January 2022 with the sales of January 2021, we see a contraction of 22.75%. 

The sales for January 2022 dropped from 64,372 units to 49,726 units in a year. 

royal enfield sales january 2022

However, the exports over this year grew a whopping 101.82%. It rose from 4,515 units registered last year to 9,112 units in January of 2022. 

Month-over-Month Sales – 

Compared with sales from the previous month, the sales figures are mixed-bag. 

While domestic sales declined by 23.72%, down from 65,187 units sold in December 2021, the exports grew by 6.55% in January 2022. 

The Gross sales dropped by 20.21%, registering 58,838 units, down from 73,739 units in December 2021. 

Year-to-Date Sales – 

The Domestic YTD sales for FY22 saw a dip of 8%, dropping from 4,48,441 units in FY21 to 4,10,624 units.

The Export YTD sales again showed explosive growth. 

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The exports grew by 127.32%, exploding from 28,192 units in FY21 to 64,807 units in FY22. 

The overall change is very miniscule – just a dip of 0.25%. 

Royal Enfield explains the decline in sales is a result of customers being reluctant due to the third wave of COVID-19 and the ongoing shortage of semiconductor chips. 

Extending their presence in the international market, RE launched their new Classic 350 in the Philippines, Korea, Australia and New Zealand in January 2022. It is the same model they launched in India and Thailand the previous year.